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Irvine - weekday lunch hour newbie
Frankrizzo7979 6430 reads

New to this whole thing. Looking for a regular girl in north irvine. Weekdays during lunch.

Looking for Asian / Latina / white, petite, slender/athletic

Please pm me so we can arrange a meeting! Any suggestions welcome

ShillBill5131 reads

It's a good place for you to start. You'll need  references to see these providers so you might want to join a screening site like P411 or date check. Also there are plenty of OC providers who are not on the list because they don't have the 20 reviews needed to qualify.  Finally since you admitted being a newb, you should read the FAQ for newbies board, if you haven't already. And try the " self help center" as well. Now go out and have a great time.

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