Very true, mrfisher. Tell us where you are located....
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I see this not so much on websites, but on ads, esp on EROS.  EROS lumps Tampa and Orlando together, and time and time again, I see an ad for a provider with no idea where she is located somewhere between the Bay area and Orlando.

The calendar is a good idea too esp if a provider does a lot of touring, or is only available on a part-time basis.  It's very helpful to know what days of the week that she can schedule dates.


Sorry if this has been beaten to death. I don't know how to search the forums, and even if I could, not sure if this issue changes as fast as technology seems to.

I am designing a new website for myself, but wanted to know what I should avoid. What are your pet peeves about provider websites?

I really like my blog format because it is so easy to update and maintain. I am operating on a small budget at the moment until I can grow my business a little, but was thinking that investing a little in my own site might look better than a blog.

Specifically, what kinds of galleries are the easiest to navigate? I like the lightbox galleries (most websites nowadays have this), but it is tedious to code. I like the ones that are a continuous slideshow, too, because I don't have to click anything- they just keep changing (and it is a super easy script to make with the help of an open source website). Do you like that, or would you rather be able to click on a specific photo?

Also, how do you feel about gift pages or wishlists? Presumptuous? Helpful? I remember someone recently commenting on these but can't find the thread now.

And should I keep my blog and add it to my site? I haven't written a post in ages because according to my stats, very few people read them anyway.

Finally, how many of you access provider websites on your mobile device?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide. :)

No music. Yes, guys should not be looking at provider websites unless they are in a private area, but the fact is, that some will look at websites at work or at home with an SO or kids nearby. Clicking on a site, where music suddenly plays, will draw attention from others in the room, and cause the 'clicker' to immediately click away, and probably never look at yoru site again.

No flash preferably. It makes sites take longer to load. guys get impatient.

Pictures: I don't know what 'lightbox' is. I probably have seen it and used it but not sure what that means. (lol I will look it up after I post this) Slideshows are okay. thumbnails that get big when you click them are okay. the worst thing is when there are thumbnail pictures and you click on them and they blow up about one millimeter bigger than they were! :(  Pictures should be big and clear. they don't need to be professional. some prefer pro shots. Some prefer amateur and candid shots. I am in the second group. Modern digital cameras, and even the newer smartphones can take really good clear pictures.

I would say to keep your blog. Make it one of your pages, on yoru site. Some people like to read blogs.

As for the moblile device, yes I access websites from my phone all the time, and I know many people do. Certain sites are not accessible from my phone. It is nice when they are.

1. Do not use Adobe Flash.  Takes too long to load, and does not work on iPads.

2. No music

3. On your first page, and also on you rate page, give the name of the city where you work.

4. Do not make a form the only contact method.  Some guys just do not like forms.

5. Include you stats and be accurate.  Hight, weight, hair and eye color, cup size, and measurements.  Forget about posting dress size, as most men have no clue what dress sizes mean.

6. Try to include a little of your personality, without being hokie.

7. Make your rates clear and simple to follow.

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Let me see if I can catch all your questions:

1) My only pet peeve, like the guys said before me, is music on the site. Hate it.

2) I don't care about picture format, just that there is lots of pics. All formats are easy to navigate. However, my favorite would probably be having the option to click on individual photos.

3) I think you should definitely have a gift page/wishlist. I love it when the ladies list their favorite drink since I often bring a bottle of wine with me. I've checked that last minute many times before heading over for a session. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to go to it.

4) Of course you should keep your blog IF you want to. Honestly, I wouldn't read it when I go to your site, but I'm sure others would. It's just like a wishlist, a visitor isn't required to navigate to that page if they don't want to.

5) I occasionally access provider websites from my phone, but it's rare. I usually do it from my laptop or at home from my desktop.

1).  Another vote for no music

2).  I'm not that well versed in computer technology. Gallery should include photos that message who you are. They don't have to be too explicitly revealing, it's ok to leave things to our imagination, but they should show enough of you to assure that there is a physical attraction. Thumbnails should open to larger photos and it should be both easy and obvious to move from one picture to the next in the gallery.

3). I do not find a gift page offensive at all. When tastefully done, it gives an additional glimpse into your personality, what you value, what's important to you.

4). I do read blogs. They are probably a pain to maintain on a regular basis so I don't see this as a particularly critical aspect of your website but once again, a blog is a window into a personality and that is important for me to gauge in anticipation of requesting a date.

5). For me a website that is iPhone friendly is an  advantage!

Hope this is helpful.

I don't really need to see all the fancy stuff that many providers put on their sites, it just gets in the way.  As the previous posters have said, NO MUSIC.  While it's not a problem for me since I don't work or have an SO, for many of your potential clients, it could be a disaster.  The blog is ok, I sometimes read them to get an idea of her personality.  The gift/wishlist page is fine too, but include sizes if a guy wants to buy you a particular item of clothing.

Pictures a must.  I also agree that they should enlarge to size much bigger than the thumbnail.  Professional glamour shots are not mandatory, as I prefer natural, more candid shots.  I also prefer not to see real explicit shots of your anatomy, not necessary.  Some skin is nice but should be tastefully done.  Make sure your rate page is very clear and easy to understand so there is no doubt in the client's mind.

An 'about me' page is good too.  We do like to know a little about the woman we are contacting, at least I do.  Agree with the others on no form.  I prefer email as first contact and will provide information about myself in that.  Just ask for what preliminary info you want to be included.  I know some ladies prefer phone contact over email, so make sure your preference is spelled out as well, which contact method you prefer.

Although I have a smart phone, I rarely use it to access providers' websites.  Hope this helps.


You won't believe how many gals' sites omit that little detail.

Make the type large enough to read and have good contrast:  No pale pink on black, for example.

I like the pictures that pop up nice and large when you move the mouse over them.  Invest in a good photog and get good photos up there.

Make the rates easy to understand.

Make your contact info easy to understand.

Skip the music and flash.

If you have a calendar, update it now and then.

Follow these things and you'll be better than 90% of what is out there now.

I see this not so much on websites, but on ads, esp on EROS.  EROS lumps Tampa and Orlando together, and time and time again, I see an ad for a provider with no idea where she is located somewhere between the Bay area and Orlando.

The calendar is a good idea too esp if a provider does a lot of touring, or is only available on a part-time basis.  It's very helpful to know what days of the week that she can schedule dates.


Very first thing that came to my mind, as many others noted, was *no music!!*

Even if your stats show you dont get much traffic on your blog, if you like to write and will do so on a fairly regular basis, keep it there. The one time I get comments about my blog is when I stop writing in it.  I do feel at times Im writing to myself and no one is paying attention, but since I started keeping track, when I make a new post, views go up.  And the more I post, the more consistent the views.  And a lot of stuff Ive said in my blog have been something to talk about/ice breakers on dates.  So I say definitely keep it.

I personally have my wishlist buried on my site...its not obvious, and a guy would have to be interested enough in my to actually read my site, to even find it.  But those who want to, do find it, and its genuinely a huge surprise when someone gets me something off my wishlist...because to be honest, even I forget its there lol

I also agree with having a calendar on your site, especially if you tour or are low volume.  My schedule fills up pretty fast because of those two things, so I end up having to update my calendar a couple times a week generally.  Since I keep up with it, its an actual resource...  But if you are generally open and available, then its better not to use one, since there wouldnt really be anything to update and then guys wouldnt bother looking at it.

As for the gallery, whichever method you choose really.  As long as the guys are able to see a bigger photo, and not just thumbnails..I think thats all they really care about, actually being able to *see* your photos.

for the great responses! Lots of good advice. I hope I have covered it all in my new site. There's no music! I personally hate music on websites too- any website. Super annoying.

So here it is- would love to know what you think. Keep in mind that I will be replacing all or most of the pics with an upcoming photo shoot either in June or August, so the pics to the left will be better quality.

I am still trying to work out how to get my blog into the site. Maybe I will just keep it at the wordpress site and link to it from this site?

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