Having problems with screening process
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I am not saying this because I am a bad person or a horrible client, I am saying this for the process and requirements needed.  Right now I am unemployed, I am currently attending school, but I receive a a pretty nice stipend from the government for going to school (veteran).  Enough to afford this hobby, and tip well.  My problem is the the fact that it requires a employment number or a reference from a provider.  But its like all things, can't get a provider that will give a reference unless I have a reference.  I am in NYC I am looking for a break, an established provider to give me a break so that I can enjoy myself.  So anyone have advice or can point me in the right direction?

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P411 is a verification site. Try doing a search on this board for 'P411,' or 'verification' or 'screening.' This question comes up often and has been answered many times.

There are other verification sites such as Room Service 2000 and Date-check. They may also be abel to verify you, but I now for a fact that P411 has verified people who are self employed, retired, students, etc. They have other ways to verify you besides employmet. Once you get on the site, then you can look for newbie friendly providers.

They have an 800# you can call and talk to a real person, who will give you alternative screening info you can provide to get verified.  Then you start by contacting gals listed as "Newbie Friendly" and requiring no OKs.  Once you see them and get a couple of OKs it's smooth sailing.

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P411 got me verified even though I'm retired, I just had to submit some proof of retirement and after a couple of no responses by newbie friendly ladies one came through and I got my foot in the door and I've seen five different providers in the past two weeks!
I first tried to get verified on date-check but on their website it states that they can not verify retired people so I went with P411 and was verified within three days.
Once I had just one OK on P411 I was not turned down by any provider from P411 or other sites as well but YMMV on this issue.

I retired early so I can not provide the 3 documents that P411 required. I have seen provider in Vegas, but I just pick them up at my hotel. There's no way to find them again. Since I am new to this process, I am unable to give them 2 referrals. I guess I will have to find providers with easy verification. I hope it's not too hard in LA, CA. So far, I was able to find one and saw her. I am in the process of looking for 2nd one. Is it any easier with agency? It appears just as hard.

BTW, I already gave a review. :)

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Screening is way over rated. I have had a lot of fun and yes a few not so fun times. Have you actually been turned down as a lot will say they screen but do not.  Why do they need your personal info.  They are not giving you credit. They are not selling you a car.  Most of the time it is a one time meeting why take the chance of having you info out there.

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