does PSE mean greek is on the menu? thanks
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but there could still be an upcharge, so check out her website and reviews carefully.

I think once I heard of a PSE where Greek was still not offered.

of the session.

As mrfisher said, you need to check the services offered to make sure greek is a menu item.

BTW..  There are GFE's who offer greek.

everyone's got their own definitions of the terms. Unless you read about greek in the juicy details of the reviews I would not make any assumptions. . Also remember some charge more for greek and lastly depending upon the size of your equipment, even though the provider offers Greek you could be refused service.

I have to agree, read her website, if you see a charge for Greek then obviously it is a separate item. PSE nor GFE imply that as an option. HH you are right on the money with size of equipment.

I offer BBBJ and CIM standard in a gfe so the only things I charge more for in a pse are greek and anal play with the guy...again, YMMV!

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Hey SMS,

Nope, just because they say that they are PSE does not mean they provide Greek service.

It has been known that some porn stars refuse to have the Greek experience.

It doesn't matter if it's PSE or GFE or some other acronym, ALWAYS ask if that provider offers Greek service. Do not assume until you get a direct answer from the provider.


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Discussing sex acts in emails or over the phone is likely to get you hung up on and she will think you might be LE.

So, the best by far is to read her reviews.  If you see no mention of greek there, the liklihood of you getting it is pretty low.

If you have to have it, you'll find plenty of gals that trumpet the fact on their sites.  Stick with them.

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