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Making contact.

You have found her site and you know you want to see her. Time to either call or email. Look thru the site to see which she prefers. PLEASE check to see if there are hours she is not interested in taking calls. You will need to try to plan ahead if at all possible. We as providers need time to get a good feel about you. Remember, you have checked us out. You feel like you know all about us, but you are (at this point) just another voice on the phone. Be prepared to be asked for REFERENCE INFORMATION. If you are new, you will not have this. You will have to find a way to prove to the lady you are not a cop or a serial killer. It is important for all of us. We each do this in a different way. You will have to refer to her site to know what she is looking for.

Introduce yourself.

Be Kind. It would do you good to use the same manners you would if you were making the first call for a blind date. You never want to make a bad impression. Be direct with out being vulgar or pushy. Usually providers have a list of services and rate plan on their site. You should refer to what you are seeking in the way she has it listed, this way she knows what you are looking for. Never just assume we can read your minds. Have a time in mind so that she can see if her schedule will work with that. BE REAL!!! Remember she will have the ability in the future to hinder another lady from seeing you if you were not kind to her. You never get a 2nd chance to make a FIRST IMPRESSION!!!

Time to go and see her. What should I do?

Take a bath and pay special attention to your own special parts, brush your teeth, take a breath mint with you for the moment before you get there especially if you smoke or drink lots of coffee. If you are leaving from work, you have a days or even 1/2 a days sweat and grime on you, please just ask her if you can clean up in her bathroom. She will happily allow you to shower. If you don't want the full shower there is always a wash cloth, soap and a sink. USE THEM!!! I promise you that you will have a much better time and she will be happy to see you again. There is a term? YMMV Your Miles May Vary. I can assure you that your hygiene will affect this. Before you go to your engagement with the lady, make sure you have her gift prepared. Put her gift in an envelope, or at the very least have it put aside in a pocket with nothing else there but that. Be on time. As you are leaving the office or home on your way to see her, call her. Make contact so that she knows you are on your way, and you know that nothing has changed in her plans last minute with family or an emergency. If something has to change in your plans call as soon as possible. Don't make up lies just be honest. If you get scared then be honest. Maybe we can talk through it. If you have work come up then we can reschedule. Just don't make a habit of that. If it happens a couple of times most ladies will write you off as a fake just wasting our time.

When you arrive!

Some ladies ask you to call from the car when you are outside, and others are happy to tell you in advance where you are coming. When you get to the door, knock on it. Don't stand around outside and be nervous. DO NOT cause attention. Look as if you belong there. You could be an insurance salesman, or a family member. No one has to know what you are doing there so long as you look like you belong. When she opens the door, come in. Let her shut the door and then you can greet one another. Most of the ladies I know will lead from this point. Lay the envelope on a close by table. Allow her to see it but do not make a comment about it. PLEASE JUST DO IT! Do not try to talk about services and what she is going to do for you. Just let the time you are together happen naturally. REMEMBER if you need to clean up this is the time to do so.

When you leave.

Notice the time. Do not try to stay longer than you have asked for in advance. She may have something else to do, so be respectful. If the two of you hit it off and you want to talk that is fine but make sure you ask her if you need to hit the road or does she have time. IF you are still playing you NEED to ask her what else you can do for her as well. Don't assume it is on the house. When you dress and are ready to leave, be pleasant. If you had a good time, some men leave a tip. That is your choice! It is a good way to show her you were happy with her services, and she will most likely remember you with a SMILE the next time! © 2006

thank you for the info from the providers standpoint: much needed . jp.

I'm still finding my way around. I would like to change my password. How do I do that. I will keep my username the same but simply change the password. Please give my some advice


I understand how to handle the donation at the beginning of the session, such as leaving it in an envelope, on a table without handing it to the provider.  If I want to tip my provider at the end of the session, is it etiquette to simply give her / hand her  the tip or does it require some special kind of handling?  My inexperience shows in this question but I want to get it right. Thanks for your help and I look forward to your response.

I have only visited one provider so far, since I entered into the hobby in November 2014.

As such, and based on this particular providers' excellent reviews, I have always made
it a point to include her tip in the same envelope as the donation. This saves both time
and awkwardness when it is time to leave. So far, the practice has worked well, and
the provider has "noticed" the tip each time. On one occassion, she even called me
out on it saying "you gave me too much money". It was our first encounter. In the end,
she was worth it. Since then, I have seen this same provider six (6) times, and each
time, I have given her a generous tip ($50.00) in addition to her donation. As I have
grown to like her a lot, I will continue to tip her well and often.

In a similar vein, it is my practice to provide my provider (above) with small material
gifts OTHER than her donation and money tips. Such gifts are given purely with great
affection and in sincere appreciation. These include (on different occasions), body wash,
a nice scented candle, a box of chololates, a T-shirt, snacks, and on one occassion,
a submarine sandwich and iced tea. Women love gifts, and gifts signify respect for
the lady and she appreciates them. In addition, and on one occassion, when I presented
her with her donation (including the tip), I did so in a specially-acquired card, rather  
than just a plain extra little touch. I love my woman! (and I want her to  
know it, and  that I sincerely appreciate my time with her, and her making the time available
for me)

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Is it worth tipping a small amount (10% let's say)? Or does that just end up looking cheap to win favor.

Personally, I believe a tip, no matter how small, is a lovely gesture!!  Many men don’t tip, in my experience.  I don’t think it’s that they don’t want to tip; it’s probably more because it’s already difficult to secretly squirrel away hobby money, including avoiding S.O. questions about ATM withdrawals!!  The more $$ the gentleman can save up, the more he can hobby!!  I COMPLETELY understand this!!  Also, I never expect tips!!  I’m happy to receive my donation.  Any lady that thinks a tip (of any amount) is “cheap” is not...hmm I had better withhold my true thoughts on a provider judging the value of a tip!!  The point is,  you are kind and thoughtful to give extra of your hobby funds!!   Just exactly like the saying, “it’s the thought that counts!!”

I wish more men were like you nowadays! Its very rare to find men in my area that tip.  I am a wonderful provider and go out of my way for my clients, especially my regulars.  I do have some that leave tips but I would say that most do not and have even had some come up short.

I seldom tip on the first visit. If it was good enough to tip I generally think it is best to simply repeat, and if I wish I will tip at that point. This then allows you to include the tip in the initial donation.

If you are thinking of tipping after the sessions there really is nothing wrong with simply leaving a little money on the dresser or bed table without worrying about some envelope (which I have never used myself). I will often just put it under her phone if that is sitting on the table.

With regard to amount of tip, perhaps the biggest question is what you expect to the tip to do. If you are simply saying thanks, here is a small gift, anything (other than perhaps $0.02) will show that thought and be welcomed. If you are trying to signal that you will be more generous if treated better then 10% is not going to help much.

I used to do a lot of tipping in the 80s-90s ... but then they passed some new rules banning it.

I am trying to build references.  I have not yet asked provider to vouch for me on me white list.  I know a good white list is very helpful.  In terms of the hobby culture, how many times must I see a provider before making this request?  

Thanks for your help.

If you had fun with her, and she did too, ask her if she will see you again. If she is ok with it, ask her for her permission to write a nice review about her. Ask her if there is anything about your session in particular that she would want you to include. Once you post it, text her to let her know it is posted and then she can go on and read it. If she is happy with it, tell her that she can show her thanks for your review by whitelisting you.

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I had a first "date" with a provider and I thought it would be a nice gesture to bring her flowers. So I picked up a dozen long stemmed roses and brought them with me. She seemed to be very pleased about it and so I was glad I did it. We had our session and she was in no hurry for me to leave as I was her last client that day. We hung out and chatted for a little while but I didn't want to wear out my welcome. I got dressed and we went downstairs and she let me out with a hug and a kiss on the lips. It was great I had an awesome time. I had told her that I wanted to come back and see her for an hour in my birthday and so we made it happen. She was very generous with her time and I think we were really hitting it off. Before I left her I told her she could call me for whatever the reason. Even if she just wanted to chat. She looked at me and said that I could call her too. She walked me down to the door and gave me another kiss and I left. When I got home I called her because I wanted to thank her. She had written happy birthday to me on her bedroom mirror. Plus she allowed me close to 2 hrs of time. Anyway she answered the phone in her husky sex little voice and I thanked her for the great night again. So here is the thing. Since that night I tried calling her a couple of times and got no answer. No big deal I thought but I think I may have gotten to close to her maybe? Her phone was out of service yesterday and she got a new number today. I tried calling it but she won't answer and she took her ad down about her new number after I called it. I am not a stalker at all. I was just curious about what I did and would have loved an explanation. Oh well. Live and learn I guess. Keep it casual from now on.

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I am  provider it might not have been you but yes you did get kinda psycho quick! close I mean lol gotta have a sense of humor also,

Hi Newbie:

Replying to your comment about "getting too close" to your provider.

That, for a man, is VERY easy to do! More so, if the lady was pretty, affectionate
and if you had a great time during your encounter.

Unfortunately, these ladies are neither wife nor girl friend material. They are
first and foremost, prostitutes, so you have to remember that little tidbit. They
are there for your fun and this line of work is their livelihood. This is how they make
their living. Nearly all of them are not interested in a relationship, friendship or any
other personal connection with a client once the session is completed. The relationship
with these ladies is purely a "business" relationship, and nothing more, at least as
far as they are concerned. Your attempted and repeated tries at phoning your girl
should have proven that out to you.

I have a similar emotional contact with my provider as well. As I have seen her
several times now, I am also mindful that she is just a "business partner" and
nothing more and that nothing will ever come out of our encounters that will be
lasting or permanent, so I try not to get too attached.

"Live for the moment", as the joy of it is fleeting!

Couldn't of said this better myself love! This is simply a transaction.  I hate when clients get to emotionally attached.  That kills it for me.  Enjoy the time and let go until the next session.  If not you will be blocked.  Don't ruin a good thing, or take the chance of looking like a creep.

Really old post but on the newbie board so might still be worth observing.

While there could be other explanations, and possibly not even about the person asking, but this jumped out at me (along with the getting too close parts) "Plus she allowed me close to 2 hrs of time."

If you asked for an hour of her time and then stayed 2 hours one hopes you provided her with the 2 hour rate and did not just take that as a birthday present.

Hello dear gentlemen,
I am new to TRE so please be kind enough to send any advice you can.  I always know that sometimes feedback is best asked before anything happens.  I would like to be a very fun pleasure provider for you ! Thanks ANNA PHOENIXXX

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Thanks for the information! Really appreciate it as a newbie!  

Have a few questions... Please ignore the noobie-ness
1. Even though we can see reviews on TER for a provider, how do we know their contact information is accurate or at least not modified by LE to be a trap? For context, there is a provider that I came across on another site that has reviews on TER but the last review was a few months back. Prior to that, it was years back. I just worry the information is publicaly editable and the number listed is just a trap...
2. If a provider has no reviews are there ways to tell take signs on whether they are LE or not? Like anyone else, I'd hate to be busted by LE.  
3. Is there a standard form or typical set of questions that providers ask to get information from you to make sure you're not LE or a serial killer, that I should be aware of to prepare?  

Thanks in advance!

TER was locked out of the USA for about 18 months.  So there will be a large calendar gap in most escort reviews.
There is no infallible way to know if LE is on the other end.  However for text/phone don't talk sexual activities or money.  Just talk scheduling.  There never is a reason to talk sexual activities at any point even when meeting a new escort.  Let that flow naturally, like a date.   If someone is talking with you about explicit sex acts for X dollars, that's a red flag that they may be trying to entrap you. Walk away.
All escorts have their own screening systems.  Generally they want to see if you are a stable member of the community.  Like you have a job somewhere.

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Posted By: lester_prairie
Re: Thanks for the post, but I have a few questions!
TER was locked out of the USA for about 18 months.  So there will be a large calendar gap in most escort reviews.  
 There is no infallible way to know if LE is on the other end.  However for text/phone don't talk sexual activities or money.  Just talk scheduling.  There never is a reason to talk sexual activities at any point even when meeting a new escort.  Let that flow naturally, like a date.   If someone is talking with you about explicit sex acts for X dollars, that's a red flag that they may be trying to entrap you. Walk away.  
 All escorts have their own screening systems.  Generally they want to see if you are a stable member of the community.  Like you have a job somewhere.
Oh that makes sense as to why there is a gap in time. If there is a review on TER, with some reviews does that mean that the provider is not LE for a fact or should I still be very cautious?  I ask since there is a new number associated with the review profile, and just want to make sure that the number can't be added or updated like a wiki page.    

That makes sense. So basically anything that's like "ill do x for $xx". How do I know when its safe to put the donation on a table for example? I know I read that you put it aside on like a table and not give it to the provider directly, but would the same case apply? (Provider talking about acts).  

Good to know about the screening. Should I worry about being black mailed?

As for the envelope, see gals who have websites.  On their sites it usually has specific information on how to handle the envelope.   For example, many want you to place it by the bathroom sink so that they can excuse themselves and go in the bathroom and count the money out of sight.

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