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LOL...someone is Clickity Clicking aren't they? eomregular_smile
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Since no one's started a picture thread for the guys, here it is today.
Post something to make the guys smile!

Miss you.  Keep me in mind and post pics.......LOL


Oh my Ashley! You have the greatest pictures. I keep looking for a way to get back to you......

Sure wish I had twins in Florida that looked like you two!!!!!

Let me know if you ever decide to tour to FL!!!!!


You’re in good hands with The Lustful One
Tori Blake
How do you spell relief? L-U-S-T-F-U-L-T-O-R-I

Thank you Naomi for the photo thread.Here is my contribution hope you guys like!

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Of course we like. Are you kidding? Whats not to like. THanks

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