An Adam Made for Eve...has anyone tried these?
EveAlexander See my TER Reviews 8729 reads

I do so love the porn disguised as item demonstrations Mr. S Leather drops on my electronic doorstep. :-D Tantus is easily my favorite line for insertables, their feeldoe by far my favorite toy to fuck the ladies with.

Has anyone out there tried their Real Skin line?  Mr S is pushing the line at the moment, and I'm sure you can find the dildos on less boy/boy oriented sites as well. (Warning-the demonstration (porn) in the link is boy on boy, so click at your own comfort levels. For those of you who are comfortable though, the begging is HAWT!) I'm thinking the soft outer silicone combined with the hard inner core will still be an asset (so to speak) even when using a condom on it...but...I could be wrong.

Has anyone tried, or at least gotten their hands on in-store, one of these bad boys? Thoughts?

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