Spend a few minutes watching "Peoples Court"...teeth_smile
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There's enough nonsense there to create more spin-offs than Carter has pills.

But it would be hysterical to watch how the "combatants" argued their cases.

And in the end, the hooker would have to blow Rusty Burrell (bailiff...but that was a while back).

But at least she could use only her "real name"...but not her real real name...that is reserved for the Judge :)

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Some providers mention on their websites that they are willing to sign a confidentialiy / non-disclosure agreement. How common is this?

I mean if a gentleman comes to see me,  its not like I am going to go and gossip about him to anyone or share top secret info.

I have never seen it. Doesn't mean it doesn't esist, but if it does, it is definitely not common. As Naomi said, what is there to be gained? Providers by the nature of their job, have to be discrete. Any information they give up will incriminate themselves too. Another issue, most providers won''t give you their real name. how do you sign an agreement with a fake name?

And as far as the President...even the one of the U.S. got caught.  I doubt poor little Monica realized that her confidentiality was a prerequisite for a BBBJ.  What Bill should have insisted on was CIM...and NOT on her dress!!

Otherwise, as you see a few gals seem to think that they exist.  But it made for some good laughter all the way around.  There's always a story here that some love to spin...they think it makes them important!

...wouldn't really matter would
Seriously, legal (well call it this just to play along, k) papers require legal names, right?
Not comfy with all.!

That's OK sweetie...he wouldn't really want it either.  

But I think to seal the deal he would insist that you stamp it with some "pussy juice" in lieu of a signature.

Or maybe that is what I would want...yep, that's what I would rather have.  At least that way I would actually have something of value.  But when that scent wears off I would demand a refill...that's my deal :)

If you don't comply with those terms, I would have to expose that agreement for the world to see...oh wait, that would be a conundrum.  My name...your pussy juice...oh my :)

A friend of mine who is a provider had to sign one I do not know who she was seeing.
I thought she was crazy but that is the only time I have ever heard of an agreement some providers might make mention of it but I do not see it as being a common thing.

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Dear Jaydalee:
Was this a legally binding agreement between the provider and the client and did it have to be notarized? Also if a third party did find out about them, what means did have to prove that it was not her? In this day and age anyone could take a picture from anywhere and have it on the net in minutes.

......and it was when I was a weekly traveling companion to a gentleman, and on corporate payroll.  It was drawn up by in house counsel.

  I do have it on my site, and a few gentlemen have told me, that it "sealed the deal" so to speak, even thought they did not have me sign one.  It was the offer that made them feel more comfortable with my screening process.

Hugs and Kisses,

"mall cops" :)

So you were on the "corporate payroll"...signed some asinine and non-binding confidentiality agreement not to tell whoever that you're really a hooker...used your "real" name..

And Johnny has you being paid out of Corporate funds for an illegal activity that he has his moronic "in-house" counsel draw up to affirm this is an illegal activity.

That's only the "tip of the iceberg" if Johnny ever had to substantiate any of that nonsense.

I trust it all eventually worked out for you and John....fortunately he never had to explain any of that absurdity to anyone!

Or perhaps you didn't have the facts correct in your story?

There's enough nonsense there to create more spin-offs than Carter has pills.

But it would be hysterical to watch how the "combatants" argued their cases.

And in the end, the hooker would have to blow Rusty Burrell (bailiff...but that was a while back).

But at least she could use only her "real name"...but not her real real name...that is reserved for the Judge :)

and I have had to sign one for a long term client I was seeing. Depending on the clients stature and high profile job you may overhear conversations or see correspondence that are for his eyes only and that if shared with anyone could harm his business.

There are a multitude of reasons why confidentiality agreements are needed. These are usually used when you spend quite a bit of time with the client on a regular basis and come in contact with his business affairs.

I'm sure you have convinced yourself that your story is real, and that there are some valid reasons behind it.

But if you step back...realize we're discussing an ILLEGAL activity, and just what in the hell a "confidentiality agreement" would actually mean assuming there was some numnuts out there that wanted a hooker to actually sign it.  Yea...sure there are "powerful" and "high profile" guys who P4P...fortunately most of them aren't this naive to actually have a written document that means nothing more than evidence should it ever surface.

Sometimes you gals simply amaze me with your nonsense. Next you'll try and convince (thank God you're posting this on the newbie board as there might be someone who actually might believe this nonsense) us that pigs can fly?

But I guess if you make it all about the "game"'s all good :)

Well in my situation he bought me a condo, made my car payments, flew my grandmother to see me several times a year and I traveled with him so......I guess you could call it a sugardaddy type of relationship since I didn't see anyone but him and wasn't in the business at the time. There was nothing illegal about what I was doing. It was a relationship and he wasn't paying me from a corporate account. There are circumstances that "confidentiality agreements" definitely need to be drawn up.

If I had been in the business then I myself wouldn't have wanted any type of paper trail.

There are also exclusivity contracts that some gentlemen want you to sign, which is along the lines of a sugardaddy relationship.

some letters.

Now if you're suggesting that this fella was your SO, and that there were kids involved and he was effectively trying to create a pre-nup agreement I might buy your story...or at least part of it.

Otherwise I call BS on it.

But I've heard plenty of these stories, and when the real facts get disseminated the original story doesn't resemble anything like it did at the beginning.

So what was this...a SD/sb deal or some fella that was a Father to a kid with you?

Oh...and we weren't discussing exclusivity agreements either.  But since you brought it up...those mean zero.  This is P4P...what in the hell would that have anything to do with anything?  I'm sure that there might be some nice (but terribly naive) John out there that might think it would mean you're all his...but come on long does it take for even the most naive John to figure this gig out?  Check that...I've read too many stories of morons on here that probably would never figure it out.  Fortunately YOU know that an agreement like that means zilch.  And when you're tired of him or a better Daddy comes along, then the original guy knows that an exclusivity contract meant nothing.

It was purely a sugardaddy relationship. No children. I wasn't in the business, nor had ever been in it. He made the offer to take care of me where I could travel with him and be his companion. The only reason the relationship ended was because he passed away from a heart attack. So your assumptions are not correct. I entered the business out of necessity as I had a mortgage, a farm and bills to pay abruptly that could no longer be paid.

There seems to be alot about this business you really aren't aware of but thats ok, there are so many levels to this business that many can't afford to partake in. Exclusivity is a big part of the business.

It amazes me that some gals really like to think there is more to this than meets the eye.

And for many Johns they are intrigued by the "mystery" some gals like to weave.

But your story was an easy one to spot...and a very common one!

But if it makes you feel important that YOU are a rare jewel, that is no issue for me.

And exclusivity being a "big part of this business" your mind it is...but not in most others!

And I'm sure if we went to the back channel route you would open up and the story would continue to morph into something "a little more recognizable" to most Johns.  Your call!

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I'm not sure but I assume a non-disclosure agreement wouldn't mention anything specific that could be used as evidence, only that the provider (and the client) couldn't reveal anything about each other and their time together.

Also, it's not an illegal activity everywhere. What if the activity took place in Nevada and the agreement was signed there?

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The only reason I would see one being drawn up, is if a lady is seeing someone who is in politics or something similar. Look how many times a politician has gotten caught up & then all the sudden there are "behind the scene stories" with some of the ladies he saw "baring it all". The confidentiality agreement may come in handy, should he get in trouble, then those ladies cannot legally come forward to "tell their story" to the press. Many ladies say they won't talk, but look at how every time someone influential gets busted, there's always ONE lady in front of the cameras flapping her gums. Someone is always looking for their 15 minutes of fame & some will do some rotten BS to get it.

Now, as far as it actually being legally binding, that is a completely different story. The lady would have to sign her government name for it to be legally binding. Hey, if it makes people feel better, I guess, but I also do not see it having any legally binding hold if that lady did decide going to tell her story was more important than someone's confidentiality.

Even you are suggesting that this "agreement" would mean zippo!!  And to honestly suggest that "legally" they can't come forward.  When an illegal activity is being conducted?  Can you say "oxymoron"?

Every politician caught has had some gal "come forward".  Do you honestly...seriously honestly not know why she did this?  Follow the's that simple.

And if she had signed some asinine confidentiality agreement, how in God's name could any Political figure pull that out as evidence against her?  He has now incriminated HIMSELF with "written evidence" vs the gal just babbling she fucked and sucked him. one with an IQ over 27 would execute anything like this.  But I suspect there are some with IQ's below 27 that are in the P4P arena.

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You write "those ladies cannot legally come forward and tell their story to the press" but then you also write that you "also do not see it having any legally binding hold..." Sounds like a 180 or am I missing something?

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