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Dancing for the 'Boomers' in Vegas ?
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Being in my mid 50's, I find the new trendy clubs a tad intimidating and frankly, much too young of a venue to enjoy the 'scene'.  Even tho the music is great, its tough to fit in.  Any suggestions from the locals for a place to enjoy good music (all of it is good) and some young boomer aged company for dancing?
Let me know if you need more info to be of any help.  Thanks!!

I visit two or three nights when I am in Vegas to catch my favorite the Peter Monroy Band.

No cover, mixed crowd and a lot of fun.

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The day shift at most clubs tends to be more MILFie. They'll not be boomers, but definitely older. I hear Cheeters should work for you and it's 2 for 1 lapdances in the afternoon. Olympic Gardens might also warrant a day time look.

If, however, the night time is the right time, I'm guessing Treasures should be a bit more subued than Rhino, Sapphire, etc. With added benefit of a fine steakhouse.

My bad

The others are right on

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Your info is helpful.  I like the "Milfy" reference.  Appreciated!

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My bad

The others are right on

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Came up with crap.  The most frequent recommendation was Studio 54 in the sucked, ok if you were 25, but not 50.  The other place mentioned the most was on top of the Rio.  Good luck, I'll be keeping an eye on this post as well.

if you can handle C&W, places like Stoney's (way south of strip, just north of South Point), Gilley's (TI), that place in Santa Fe Station, and not sure if that place near E Fremont & Boulder Hwy is still open, some decent line dancing will let you fit in just fine.

There seems to be a fair number of piano bar/dueling piano type places here and there.  Not quite the place to dance but it does allow anyone of drinking age to do whatever to what's being played.  There's quite a few but NYNY and Paris come to mind.

The clubs up high might be worth checking out.  Foundation Room and Mix (Mandalay Bay) might be decent.  Voodoo Lounge (Rio), Moon and ghostbar (Palms) are probably a bit more on the too young side.  Way off strip, there's a upper floor lounge at Eastside Cannery and M Resort.

Bouncing around from bar to bar at Cosmo might be more your speed but Bond falls into that too young category (along with Marquee although the Library section there might be interesting).

Anything loungey like Cathouse (Luxor), Tabu (MGM), Caramel (Bellagio), maybe Lavo (Palazzo), dunno about Blush (Wynn), don't even know if Revolution Lounge still exists (Mirage).  Or someplace like Coyote Ugly (NYNY) could work.  If you're downtown, there's a lot of standalone bars and clubs worth looking into.

and if the idea is to find another visiting lady, hanging around the bar near the Chippendale (Rio) or Thunder From Down Under (Excalibur) to catch an aroused lady coming out of one of those shows would be a worthy catch (takes a lot of game, something I don't expect from most guys).

Double Down is an interesting dive bar.  It happens to be in the area with a lot of clubs catering to the LGBT community (Piranha, 8 1/2, Free Zone, Gipsy) and you can throw Krave in there if it's still open (Planet Hollywood/Miracle Mile).

some night clubs, some fun strip spots : I have been inside each, and had fun at all.
Foundation Room - Mandalay
The Playboy Club
Margarita VIlle- fun, layed back.,
Outside near Harrah's  live music  
Ellis Island -  karaoke
Gold Diggers downtown in Gold Nugget-
Haze at Aria, good mix when i was there.

can be alot of fun!  Bally's has such a lounge and play some really good dancing music (70's - present).  Also, the Palazzo has a lounge and some really good bands that play good dancing music too!

I love the bands at the Mandalay Bay in the center of the casino there.
Also Blue Martini down in Town Square.
And on Monday nights there is a great band at the Palms - a lot of local musicians who jam there.

I love live music, and dancing so invite me to join you and I am sure we will have a lot of fun!!

it's a fun place!  I was one of the youngest guys there.

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