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You are appreciated and will be missed. (eom)
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Dear readers of The Erotic Highway,

After over five years of faithfully volunteering and moderating on TER, the time has come for LG to say goodbye to The Erotic HIghway, effective Sunday July 17, 2011 at 12:01am. It has been a true privilege to minister to the sex/lovelorn and I do believe it has been unique and useful, both to me and to the thousands of hobbyists and providers who have participated in the Q&A format instituted on the Highway.

I also want to thank the 584 hobbyists and 100 providers who participated in my two studies. Thanks to your support and willingness to help, the term "hobbyist" has now been put on the academic/social science map. My article regarding the study has been submitted for a second time and is now under consideration in one of the better social science journals.

I do not know who will take over for me in terms of providing bona fide sex therapy advice. Suffice it to say that my gratitude goes out to everyone who traveled The Erotic Highway with me and who provided the endlessly fascinating questions and comments that made being a moderator and pro bono sex therapist on TER such a worthwhile endeavor.

Best of luck and much happiness to all,
The Love Goddess

...have been very helpful and deeply appreciated.
This has been my favorite Board, thanks to you.
You have helped to steer many of us in the right direction.
Your volunteerism is noble and worthy of deep praise.
Please drop by to notify us of your activities and whereabouts.


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I'll keep abreast of your publications and your always interesting and valuable work.

Best wishes.

..for providing solid information which made the hobby safer and more enjoyable for all of us.

While getting a new moderator may not be hard, your reputation and replies made this board what it is. I liken it to when my dentist retired, sure a new dentist took over his cases, and he was professionally qualified, but he was not my dentist. There where so many little things that were added that made his reputation what it was. Well the same is true of you, you may be replaced but you will be remembered and missed  for all the help and replies you gave and the uniqueness that was you. I realize change has to occur and you have your own life and goals to pursue. I wish you the very best in the future and believe that you will be remember for quite a long time on this board in a very good way.

1- LG, you have helped me personally by a tremendous amount. I was going through a very rough patch in life over the past couple of years and when I discovered this section of the TER boards, I started a few related (to me) topics and your input was truly balanced and very helpful, considering of the little info which I was prepared to provide on this forum.

2- Just as above was just one example, I have no doubt that there are hundreds if not thousands just like me, who have benefited from your knowledge, expertise, experience and advice.

3- You are the only moderator on TER (as far as I know) who has a visible professional profile. It is not difficult to research to see as to who you are in your professional life and as far as I am concerned, I think that it is very commendable of you to be a moderator for TER, knowing some of the risks that came with this moderating task. Above and over any monetary remuneration or compensation, your genuine desire to help and educate people plus your curiosity for further knowledge and information as related to the "Hobby" made us very lucky to have your wise counsel for all these years.

In closing, I really hope that you still drop in once in a while to check in on your "flock".

Best wishes, CS~

The Erotic Highway was unique on this site in the way you ran it and kept it focused.  Best of luck to you in the future!'s past midnight and thus I have missed a last chance to express my gratitude in real time.  Suffice it to say that like so many others hear we are indebted to you for your kindness and sage wisdom as applied to our many thoughts, problems, questions and ramblings.

All the best to you and yours.  We will miss you!


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I'm going to offer my services to you one last time.  I'll skip the details from the last offer, but I will say that I could never fill those sexy pumps, or have any hopes of providing advice worth a pig's ass.  I can blindly click away and approve shit willy-nilly, if that provides any service whatsoever.  What, you didn't really think that anyone else was capable of doing what you do, did you?

Probably the only one who could answer questions non judgmentally and with scientific facts instead of mere opinions.

Retardo Montalban2857 reads

You are the classy focus of my perverted dreams. Unfortunately a bit too classy, as even in my dreams you would not succumb to my over-the-top overtures. What I truly regret, is that we may never have that midnight ride in my short bus of love!

Happy trails


From me to you

Ts Nadia

HalfHour2265 reads

Hope you'll pay a visit now and then.


to me and so many others. LG..I just saw the news about your moving on and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. A lot of people, including me, will miss your insightful knowlegde and advice. You have been a Godsend to me and have improved my life to be frank.

Now I know Ive teased you about the famous survey and still await the results. Now our link to it will gone. So one final request, if you could just give us a tip on when and where it will finally appear, I think a lot of people would be very appreciative.

Again my best wishes to you and oh, I was surprized to learn you werent compensated. I think you should have been for sure!

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