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Prank calls? What are you? 12? EOM
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File this one under "OMG LOL." I was prank calling a CIVVIE FRIEND the other day.  I know, I'm "a real card," as they say! I randomly stumbled on this "fake escort" prank caller online !  It is free for your first three uses.  After the third prank call, you have to pay.  I thought this was really fantastic.  I don't know if I would ever pull this prank call on any real hobbiests or providers, because it would just confuse them, moreso than amuse them.  However, I got some hilarious mileage out of this appartus with my civvie friends.  LOL  GOOD TIMES !


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I am definitely not too old to have fun! I have all kinds of ways to have fun. Some of them involves paying younger gals like you to have sex with me!

None of my fun activities involve prank calls! (at least not since I was 12) :)

It says on the webpage that 391 people clicked "thumbs up," and 89 people clicked "thumbs down."  

If you do the math, that means 20% of people did not like it.  And, 80% of people thought it was funny.  

Given the popularity of the escort prank call dialer, and given the nature of the TER General Discussion Board, I think it makes perfect sense to post this here.  

And, 80% of people on this discussion board will think it's funny.

Oh yeah, I think I learned all of these basic math skills, when I was 12.  :D

Took me a while to figure out which is which around this site. But, I found their archives of Escort prank calls. Enjoy!

In one of my high school math classes I remember we use to call escort agencies all the time.  I had a dumb teacher so we just fucked off and it was funny as hell.  

I don't prank call anymore but that site looks interesting

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