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Re: So what is a GFE? Or when is a GFE?
sleepydasher 5673 reads

I'm not an expert- only four hobby experiences so far.  I've noticed it is certainly loosely used in provider marketing though!

Two of my four where what I considered GFE though, and what I began to seek out after my two non-GFE experiences.  They took time to talk on arrival instead of the immediate "get naked", established a connection, lots of kissing, lfk, dkf, on to hungry kissing, great sex with interludes of talking, and really made me feel good.  That's GFE for me anyway.

Every woman and every guy seems to have a different definition for what a GFE is. Some base it on specific services offered, others based on how you feel when you are with her.

Love to know how each of you defines GFE and the girlfriend experience.

Don Giovanni880 reads

Its how it makes you feel.....its totally subjective.  

For example, I can state that I have better sex with most providers than I had with most girlfriends....with, some exceptions of course.

The emotional connection and sense of contentment felt greater with most girlfriends than most providers....(not surprising since relationships grow with time!)....

and so mind blowing sex with a fabulously attractive provider is fantastic....but quite different from what I consider a GFE....

Then somedays raunchy sex is just what one needs....other days tender loving is what is needed.

There can be no "working definition" in my personal opinion.


sleepydasher5674 reads

I'm not an expert- only four hobby experiences so far.  I've noticed it is certainly loosely used in provider marketing though!

Two of my four where what I considered GFE though, and what I began to seek out after my two non-GFE experiences.  They took time to talk on arrival instead of the immediate "get naked", established a connection, lots of kissing, lfk, dkf, on to hungry kissing, great sex with interludes of talking, and really made me feel good.  That's GFE for me anyway.

It is what it sounds like...Girl Friend Experience!

I believe it's feeling like you're with your GIRLFRIEND.  Things you'd do with your girlfriend.  Same as PSE, Porn Star Experience.  Things you'd do with a PORN STAR.

Wanna cum down to South Florida...I'll show you what a GFE or PSE is....

Any questions?!  8)

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I've come across some providers who charge more for a "GFE" than for a regular encounter.  It used to perplex me, because I always thought that GirlFriend Experience was just a euphemism for sex (i.e., "Pay me, and I'll be your girlfriend for an hour").  Then I found TER, and to my surprise, I discovered that no one really knew what the hell GFE means!

My current opinion holds that GFE is just a more passionate version of Full-Service.  It involves prolonged kissing, mutual touching, and so on.  But even this definition is lacking, because what would a session be like without GFE?  It'd be like sticking your dick in a hole in the wall!

Im just a natural I guess. I can't have good hot sweaty sex without the sensual touching, cuddling and kissing. I work better when I do. I luv nibbling on yer lower lip, sliding my tongue along it and dipping in to touch yours while my nails slowly gently scrape across your nipples, and down along your upper thighs...watching the expression in your eyes...o o I better stop now. :D

[color=purple]   I;m from Portland or.  and To me it's when someone leaves after seeing me feeling complete... There heart is still pounding mind uforic ..   Because I share the passsion of a kiss with them ,  How your body can rush just from a touch, I make there whole body and mind know that evertime I touch them ,  kiss them,  MY body needs and wants it just as much as them.. I breath with them I breath them in and feel and share my essence with them and back again... A connection like the first time..  

          At least that's what I try to achieve with those I meet it makes the passion so much greater when you just breath in...

           Just my thoughts ;)

                        Jessylee :P  [/color]

GFE - is when your date nags you to take out the trash when you leave...

GFE  - when your guy calls up, wants to come over in 20 minutes, so you drop everything, get the house in order, then he's 35 minutes late and doesn't call.  Arrives smelling of cigarettes, and alcohol, needing a bath and a shave, demands a beer and tosses you on the bed then leaves you the mess to clean up and spends the night with another woman (his SO) and then complains that you charge too much and wouldn't kiss him.  

And you look forward to seeing him again... :-)

PSE - (Porn Star Experience) that's when your date looks totally bored while doing really naughty stuff in unusual positions for which you pay extra.

TS Jamie  :-)

Seriously though, my version of GFE is having a fun friendly time between two people who enjoy each other.  It means she is genuinely pleased to see you.  It means candles and music.  And bringing you a glass of wine or a cold beer after a long day at work.  Or a cool glass of iced tea for a summer nooner.   It means PASSION - maybe kissing, and a massage, and a desire by the provider to make your time together really special for you, for both.

GFE to me means that first I'll invite you in and tell you I'm almost ready. Then I'll disappear in a cloud of perfume to the bathroom because I just need to finish my make-up. Thirty minutes later I'll come up for air long enough to parade 5 outfits past you, asking you with each one if it makes me look fat, if these shoes would look better than those, and if you think this outfit shows off my legs.

Then we'll take a 15 minute time out so that I can yell at you for your monosyllable responses to my questions.

After an hour or so we'll finally get into your car where I will give you the silent treatment all the way to the restaurant. At the restaurant, I'll order the most expensive item on the menu, asking that nearly every single ingredient be substituted in the entree for lower fat or calorie alternatives. When my dish arrives, I'll nibble on two bites before exclaiming that I'm full and couldn't eat another bite. In the meantime, while we await our culinary delights, I'll tell you my entire life history, including every single ex bf I've ever dated, complete with a list of every single shortcoming or fault they had. When I've run out of ex bf's to tell you about, I'll start telling you about my over protective mother, and my crazy uncle. At least once or twice I will interrupt you while you are chewing on your leg to get away and ask you what you are doing.

Once the dinner ordeal is over, we'll head back for my place where I will grudgingly invite you in for coffee (since you seem like a nice boy). I'll offer you coffee and sit all the way at the other end of the couch with a stop watch in my hands waiting for you to finish your cup. For atmosphere, I'll put on the soundtrack to Jerry McGuire, and positively GUSH over the scene where Tom Cruise says "You........comp-LETE......ME" and look at you with bright eyes waiting for you to agree that this line WAS in fact the most romantic line EVER. When you don't I'll get a little misty eyed, and slide further away on the couch.

At some point you'll decide you might as well at least get a kiss for all of your misery, and you'll circle in for a landing. I will promptly smack your face and look at as if you just described in detail how you intend to molest every female in my family, and inform you that I am NOT that kind of girl.

Finally throwing in the towel, you leave with a bright red palm print on your face, blue balls, a renewed hatred for the movie Jerry McGuire, and head for the nearest burger joint to get a real meal.

So there you have it. That is what you can expect.

NOTE: I"m kidding!!!!

I think you may have hit the nail on the head Sins! Sounds like you've had previous experience....lol

We open this topic a lot and one thing I've found out is, the idea of a GFE varies a lot. A lot of guys define it with certain sex acts, bbbj, dfk, hugs 'n kisses. That sort of stuff.

I'm a relative rookie but my idea is that it was more of an atmosphere. Sort of "Oh sweetie, I'm so glad you're home! I've missed you all day!" sort of thing. (Yeah right, we all know that's phony)...hehehe

The ladies seem to be more varied than the guys in their interpretaion of the meaning.

Possibly the meaning is a little more fuzzy. Maybe GFE is less of a get nekked, git 'er up, in and off, then see ya later type experience. To me, that would be more of the streetwalker experience or high volume, low quality service.

Probably most providers on here are GFE to a great degree whether they know it or not. Making an attempt to learn what makes a certain guy tick and what he likes, providing from there to make the client happy.

But here again, I've read the board for at least a year but am a relative rookie at the hobby.

My god...that is so true. Don't know whether to laugh or cry!

LOL Sin's, that sounds more like After Honeymoon Experience to me- back in girlfriend days we were still pretty nice to each other!

In other words, the idea of suicide never enters your mind.

and that there is nowhere else she would rather be.
That will likely include certain acts, but it can't be summarised in a checklist.

I think you got it!  And you will know one when you have had one or two.

Pocket, very well said.  Were you reading my mind?  

She makes you feel as though she looks forward to each meeting almost as much as you do.

You may as well call it the WE (wife experience) these days, since GF's And wives have basically melded into the same social role for most men.

I'm a whole different class of fun, so might opt to call myself a SSE (silly stranger experience) or a SIE (similar interests experience) or any other fun way to say that I'm NOT like you GF or wife!

I was introduced to GFE in Philly. I was assured lots of ladies BBBJ and it was okay.
I was had a whole new menu and was really happy.
Then I thought GFE was where you treat the guy the same way you do your boyfriend except for CFS.
So I just treated them like the man meat that I thought they were and got called PSE.
That is what my boyfriends have called me all along -porn star.
When I figured out that every guy really comes over to get down I didn't wanna waste time talking so we don't end up running out of time before trying him out all the ways I wanted.
I hope that made sense.
I went through an awkward phase where I thought the guys expected me to talk to them like at a strip club-so when we ran out of time and they wanted something else they were disappointed. I was only talking to them because I thought if they were capable of anything else we would be doing it and I was afraid of making them feel inadequate by being sexually demanding.I was trying to be nice to them because I thought maybe that was GFE.
I always yank my man's clothes off and try to avoid conversations, so I thought that WAS GFE.
Once I was sexually satisfied I could actually learn how to listen to a man and like them for more than just the sex and support.
I just do what I like until requests are made.
That seems to work the best.
I want to play and make good use of our time together doing all the things I won't ask a civvie for.LOL.
I also feel that it is much easier to get along when your naked.

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