It's a ticklish situation for sure.....
MCRegulus 1758 reads
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There's a provider I've seen a couple of times who specializes in Greek Island tours. The first time I saw her, there was a mild sanitation issue: the cover came back with a souvenir. Switching the cover fixed that, and I had a great time otherwise. The second time, it was worse, and smelled bad too.

It's obvious that I need to find a new tour guide, but the thing is she asked me to write a review. Do I even bother given what happened, and if so, should I mention the sanitation issues?

mrfisher 87 Reviews 543 reads
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On the one hand, as a potential client, I would sure like to know before hand if I'm going to meet up with some chocolate sauce so I would say yes to both of your questions.

On the other hand, you will not be endearing yourself to this provider for sure, and possibly you might turn off other providers who check out reviews before accepting a client in order to learn if they reveal any dirt about previous providers.

It's your call, either way.

Naomi_Sweets See my TER Reviews 429 reads
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You can write a review - mention she offers Greek.

We don't have any control over wether or not you come back chocolate covered or not  - as the saying goes "shit happens".  She could be totally prepared, clean, hosed out her insides before you got there and while you two were bouncing around you dislodged something that was stuck in the pipeline that she didn't even know was there.

I've done a prostate massage (no cover on my fingers) and came out with brown finger - its not that the guy did anything wrong, he was totally clean, well prepared for our session.

Anyway the point I am getting to is, shit does happen, but its not something we can control if someone is back there messing around and loosens up something.

So write the review, let the guys know she offers greek, mention something like it "might get a little messy" -  its truly a case of "your mileage may vary"

Maybe the next guy won't be as well endowed as you are and come out clean as a whistle.

MCRegulus 367 reads
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Thanks, this is helpful. I guess I was expecting things to be squeaky clean like in a porno. I'll go ahead and write that review.

SoftlySarah See my TER Reviews 373 reads
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Naomi, that was a great, elegant response.

This is why porn is probably not great for sex ed. ;)

Guys do well to remember we are humans, not rubber dolls. :)

London Rayne See my TER Reviews 293 reads
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Sorry about that crappy experience lol, but no I would not bash her being as Naomi said, sh*t happens bwahahaha. Sorry, this is too funny.

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