Probably one of the tamest requests i've ever heard...
luckydevil_mpls 1612 reads
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Funny question? Of course, I'm a newbie. Meeting with a highly reviewed top provider next week. She was once a playboy model. Would it be OK to ask for a picture of us together after our session (not nude)? I would assume it's not ok to protect there privacy. I just want to remember this moment for a lifetime.

macdaddy1944 51 Reviews 911 reads
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just ask her..some are very camera friendly..some are not..just be diplomatic about might be surprised when she says yes..

TrulyMsMocha See my TER Reviews 388 reads
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.... but it depends.   Does she show her face now as an escort?

swimtrekr 55 Reviews 761 reads
4 / 5

just ask.  The worst that can happen is that she will say no.  So you have nothing to lose by asking.


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