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Bunny Ranch & Sunny Lane
Morgan_mr 53 Reviews 15382 reads
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So as some of you know, Sunny Lane is returning to the Bunny Ranch at the end of October and again in November.

Excited at the prospect of finally getting to meet one of my favorite adult actresses I think I'd like to plan a trip out to Nevada that coincides with Sunny's visit.  (I've tried to meet her privately through Lexi, Demi and Lisa, but alas, to no avail.)

Having never been to the Bunny Ranch before, I really need an education on how this works and what to expect.  I called the Bunny Ranch and they wont share Sunny's rate stating that rates are negotiated between the customer and the model directly.  I've sent emails over the lsat couple of weeks to both Sunny Lane and Bunny Ranch staff (via the Bunny Ranch website) inquiring about securing an appointment, with no response.

I'd love to know what to budget for this excursion, but I'm really flying blind.  Any advice, recommendations or guidance any of the esteemed TER member could offer regarding meeting Ms. Lane either at or outside the Ranch would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone has met Sunny privately at or outside of the Bunny Ranch, I would really like to hear your experience.  

Please feel free to PM me for discretion sake.

Thanks in advance everyone.

jmb 140 Reviews 2760 reads
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Most Nevada county brothel ordinances are very stringent in prohibiting discussion of prices by the provider or house other than on premises. No e-mail or telephone disclosure; not even any hints in my experience. By asking the board for past expererience with Sunny you are on the right track.

whorist 14 Reviews 3096 reads
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yes, no discussion of fees or acts until you are in the lady's room. from what I have seen in other posts on many sites you can expect to start at 1.5k for 30 to 45 min. The ranches are very expensive as the house gets 50%.....If you have a lot of cash to burn go for it....

DAVBERTS 70 Reviews 3070 reads
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When it comes to porn stars the best bet is to go with an independent and not one assosicated with a house or agency. The costs go higher when she is not a independent.

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DAVBERTS 70 Reviews 3279 reads
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You have to classify a porn star in their proper tier class. In my book, a woman who has done over 50 films and has been on the covers for their films for at least 1/3 of their titles, she is a first tier porn star. They can go from 600 roses and up per hour. I have been lucky to have been  with a 1st tier porn star at a rate of 700 per hour. A woman who has done less than 24 films would be considered fresh and she would be in the 3rd tier group. A woman such as Ashley Brooks would charge $$$ roses with anal included. Finally, you have your internet only porn stars and they can be found aroung 500 to 600 roses. Back in 2006, I hooked up with such a lady and she wasn't bad at this 2nd tier rate.

TheSpeedRacer 10 Reviews 2695 reads
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The best way to gat a handle on the legal brothels is to spend some time on one of the independent websites dealing specifically with them. Since TER rules prohibit linking to or otherwise specifying the URL of such sites which contain (what they believe to be "competing") message boards, I cannot even post their names here. However, if you do a web search on the keyword "LPIN" (an acronym which stands for "Legal Prostitution In Nevada") they should be easily found. Hint: the three major ones are abbreviated as S-I-N, NVB, and NBT - this should give you a clue as to their URLs when viewing the search results.

Sorry for having to be so cryptic. BTW, one of those three sites contains my LPIN Driving Directions, which will give you much better information & maps than you can find elsewhere. Online mapping services are notorious for misdirecting you and/or not giving specific details on their often inaccurate maps. The brothels' own websites often don't give you enough navigational detail either, especially if you're heading out to their establishments for the first time after dark.

As noted by others, you cannot discuss price outside of a lady's room at the house (this goes for adult film star courtesans and regular non-porn gals alike). The initial quote you get will often be a very high-end figure, don't be alarmed or deterred, that's just a starting point for negotiations (and/or a ploy to catch the uninformed). I've partied with major porn stars for as little as $400/hr and as much as $1200/hr in Nevada's brothels (I have also seen more several such ladies as indie escorts, so I know what the "going rates" are outside of Nevada's cathouses).

Can you make a better deal with an indie porn star as opposed to one working at a legal brothel? Probably. Can you still get a "reasonable" rate from an adult film star at a legal brothel? Possibly. Will you get such a "deal" you from any one specific adult star? The ONLY way to know for sure is to actually go to the brothel and negotiate with her in person.

Best of luck on geting to see Sunny Lane at the Moonlite BunnyRanch!

Speed Racer

KongChow 1 Reviews 2730 reads
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Forget the Bunny Ranch! If you pay me,
I wouldn't set foot there. Will cost you big bucks too spend! And you can't bring a camera
to take picture with her. I don't like setting foot in brothels. Just that they are watching
you every move.

My Advice! Go to the Exxxotica 2009 convention in Miami May 8th - 10th and meet her there.
You can ask if she does private to private section in person at her hotel and negotiate a fair price. Or you can just hang around the
booth and take pictures.  

Since you are from New York, like I am. Who
do not like to spend a lot of money.
You can want until 2010 which they will come back to New Jersey.

Sunny Lane was at the Exxxotica 2008 convention in New Jersey. I didn't get her autograph. Too busy standing online with other porn stars getting autograph. I think I have her on film with the industry panel. I'm positive I have her on film with the industry panel and have yet to post insert from the industry panel. I'm too busy with work.

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