I had a mentor many years ago..
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I'm a new one to the hobby.  So new that I haven't even been with a provider before.  So, like a good boy scout I'm doing my research before I jump in the pool.  For experienced Hobbyist, have you ever mentored or been mentored?  You know, someone to show you the do's and don't's of the game?  

I've researched a few providers that I'm still working up the courage to make contact with.  Just like everyone else I want to be safe, comfortable, discrete, and simply have some fun.  I'm wondering if looking for a mentor would be a good move?

Maci_Grayston See my TER Reviews 952 reads
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You are in the right place! TER is an invaluable source of information. By reading this site, I gained the courage to jump in myself! Be sure to read the Newbie board and the Self-help sections.
You may also want to get "verified" through a service such as (P411) or before you begin contacting companions. Most reputable ladies will ask for verification...
As far as "mentoring" will find many mentors here, safely typing away on their computers. Hopefully others will be helpful in answering any questions you may have!
Welcome aboard!

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TER is a great wading pool to get your feet wet in. Don't believe everything you read and maintain a sense of humor (a warped one, if you can muster it) and you'll learn a lot... when someone intrigues you, read her web page, all of it, go beyond rates and pictures and try to get a feel of personality..

There are a lot of choices here, but when it comes time to get in the deep end, you can't go wrong with Gina...

have fun...

Cyberneticintelligence 934 reads
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His help to me when I first entered the hobby was invaluable. I didn't always listen to him but he was always right.
In turn I have mentored several hobbyists and have given advice to anyone who asked me.
If you should be so fortunate to be mentored you can be saved from some of the bad elements of our society.

Not everyone will connect with a mentor, so it's up to you to be as informed as possible to keep yourself out of harms way.

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finding a mentor may be challenging. It's a bit of a catch 22 in that without reviews or a lot of activity on the boards you may struggle to find a mentor. The reason being trust. After making many mistakes in my first few months in the hobby I decided to take a different approach. I stepped back and read many reviews to get a feel for which guys and gals were posting fairly straight forward, non dramatic, posts/reviews. I reached out to a few hobbyists and was fortunate enough to find a couple good people to help me. I did however have a few reviews under my belt before reaching out. Choose quality providers for your first encounters. Unfortunately for me I took the wrong approach to begin with and chose with my pocket book versus my brain. If I had it to do over I would go straight to the top 100 list for the appropriate city and find a provider(s) that fit my personality. The ladies on the top of the list are there for a reason. Get your feet wet with a few quality providers, post quality reviews/board posts, then reach out for help. I know it seems a bit of an odd approach but it may be one that works for you. Good luck. Once you have a couple reviews under your belt send me a PM.

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by using your "real" ter handle. Starting off by using your "alias" handle is probably not a good idea.
Many hobbyists do not like the use of aliases, personally I could care less, but in your situation as a newb, I would suggest you use your "real" handle. Start by lurking around the boards, post when you having something to contribute and use your "real" handle. Spend a lot of time on the FAQ for newbies board and learn to use the TER search feature by "subject"  There aren't to many newb questions that have not been asked. By using the search feature you won't have to wait for answers, you'll be able to find threads on those topics.  And finally don't ask what bbbjnqns,  cim, acg  or msog  stand for  .  All answers can be found on Make sure to see well reviewed providers like Gina Marie. Stay Thirsty!

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Wow!  All great advice. I can see that everyone gives each other great support on these boards. I will definitely take everything that has been said on here in consideration during my search. This will be an interesting (and fun!) journey, but I'm thankful for you hobbyist and providers for your support.

As for my "alias" I only chose it because I thought it sounded cool. Not trying to hide anything, just want a cool nickname like everyone else. Happy trails all!

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1. Do a lot of reading on this and other TER forums, reviews, etc.
2. Schedule yourself a date, and treat her with all the respect and care your would for a date wit ha beautiful girl in civilian life.

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