ts toni tease
mkinkade58 3898 reads
1 / 5

has anybody seen TS Toni Tease lately? What was she like?

Sancho2 13 Reviews 1044 reads
3 / 5

but she is one of the most knock out ladies I have seen. Pretty amazing. Cool, no BS, if she takes a liking to you, very nice, otherwise, more of a top. Tried to find her ad, couldn't, last time I saw it, mentioned a last tour. Think she would be worth seeing while you can. Kicking myself for not seeing her last time she was in my city, but just had too much other stuff going on, won't miss her again if I get the chance. Too bad her old website is gone, those were some hot pics.

jsymthe 23 Reviews 1107 reads
4 / 5

Toni is very reliable. I agree with Sancho.. once you get to know her, she can be a lot of fun.

gward 6 Reviews 815 reads
5 / 5

Saw her a few weeks ago in Orange County.  She has cut almost all of her hair off.  She donated it, so that's cool.  But it cut in to her feminity for me.  She was nice and we had fun.

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