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Hello friends. I saw this on another board and the topic generated quite a few contributions, from both women and men. The question: describe your first date as a hobbiest orcas a provider. What made it memorable?

QueenBia See my TER Reviews 3968 reads
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Nothing spectacular, but I have 2 memories 1 as an escort working for an agency my 1st call ever was a negotiation & my 1st independent call was awesome because I was finally able to screen, and choose my very own encounter....priceless!

Naomi_Sweets See my TER Reviews 4088 reads
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This was a little more than two years ago.  I had been looking for a way to pay the bills and posted an ad on BP as a fluke - I really didn't think I would get much of a response.

Anyway the first response was an older gentleman who's first line to me was "Honey, we don't all want a barbie doll".

He invited me to dinner the next night when he was in town - he took me to Applebees.  I remember him being very boring. He was a salesman, he sold some kind of fastener thingy for railroad cars.  Anyway, I smiled and laughed at his lame jokes, afterwards we went back to his room and he was really sweet and we had a nice time.    I didn't see him after that.

I think if I hadn't been so nervous I would have enjoyed myself more and he probably wouldn't have seemed so boring to me (or I would have been able to get him to talk about something besides his job).

KSM46 33 Reviews 3724 reads
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I was traveling on business and finally had the courage to overcome the fears and hesitation and found a newbie friendly provider, very well reviewed on a now defunct site. We made the date by email. I  was very nervous when I got to her incall but she was a real sweetie, a young mother of two children I discovered,  and after a few minutes of chatting she said "let's get comfortable" and I learned what that meant LOL. I had the first BJ of my life and although she tried hard to make it last, the excitement was just too great.
She tried hard to get me ready for a second round but it wasn't going to be and so there was never any real sex that time. I was disappointed in myself and except for the BJ, there was nothing particulary mind blowing about my first hobby date.  although in the whole, it was a nice start. We kept in email contact for a while and she gave the recommendation that opened the door to my second provider a few months later. That of course was  the start of a journey that got me to where I am now, 2 1/2 years later, once again sexually active and ...... fulfilled ( at least when I travel).

xyz23 43 Reviews 3054 reads
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The lady was with an agency I had someone told me about. This agency has a message board and PM capability on their site. I lurked about three months and really began to like the personality of one of the providers. She and I PM'd some and commented on post we read. I began to post and we found that we thought a lot alike. I made the appointment and went to see her. She is what made it memorable. Like you wow0315 I didn't get beyond the blow job in 69 position. It had been way too long. Thank goodness she was good with CIM. I barely had an erection. (This was my first inkling that there were to be issues with that. I now use Viagra)
Despite that It was an excellent hour. I am a talker. She and I talked. The more we talked the better it was. I simply enjoyed the entire experience. It was more than 6 months before I was able to see another provider but this first one started it.

I have seen her twice more since then. She left the agency shortly after our first encounter and went independent. The second visit with her was two weeks short of being one year after the first one. She is an exceptional lady and has become one of the top providers in the area.

macdaddy1944 51 Reviews 3908 reads
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it was so long ago i really cant remember..now i know i am getting old..

ChiefRedbeard 16 Reviews 4771 reads
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My first experience was in Boys Town, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  Cost me $13.00 which gives you an idea of how long ago it was.  Maria was really concerned that I enjoy myself.  I did!

keystonekid 113 Reviews 3249 reads
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70's you could get a f*ck and a suck for $20 if you knew where to go. No GFE mind you just a quick pop and go at a local motel.

Fast forward to the early 90's and the internet opened up the world of P4P and all the great experiences a sex starved guy could have.

HuggyBear1200 4264 reads
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Boys Town was quite a place especially before the Internet was invented.  The women in the canteens were good looking and eager to please.  I never worried about getting ripped off in the canteens; the back streets were another story.  I wonder what it is like now.  I haven't seen any recent reviews but there are ads for it. I never found anything comparable in any of the other border towns.

HuggyBear1200 3968 reads
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Boys Town was quite a place especially before the Internet was invented.  The women in the canteens were good looking and eager to please.  I never worried about getting ripped off in the canteens; the back streets were another story.  I wonder what it is like now.  I haven't seen any recent reviews but there are ads for it. I never found anything comparable in any of the other border towns.

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Shyla-Dazzling See my TER Reviews 2768 reads
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I was asked to bring 4 or 5 outfits, do the sensual dance that I enjoy.  I danced in the living room, by the windows of his apartment, in the kitchen , by the floor, by a wall, on the hall, while slowly taking my cloths off.  Just enticing all his senses, especially visually, drinking a little wine, sharing it, great music, soft lights, surrounded by sexy perfume and a soft touch.  Gave me time to relax, enjoy observing his responses and enjoying myself all the time.

Wet kisses,


cdfix 66 Reviews 3953 reads
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As I reflect on my very first “Hobby Experience,” I now realize how lucky I was. My now retired first date (she retired VERY young!) couldn’t have been better for a Rookie. She was a capable guide and NOT submissive by any means. She turned out to be a sexual dream come true for me and a great barometer for future selections. If I could give a Rookie any advice it would be:

        “stick with a well reviewed Lady (Performance Scores above 8) whose Profile matches your  
        assumed preferences and whose Photographs appeal to you in a BIG way. Generally a Lady who
        offers both Incall and Outcall, will be more comfortable in her Incall – use it”

That cautious approach with a little bit of courage, should result in a satisfying experience. Interestingly enough, here four plus years later, I still use those principals in my selection process.

ClassicRock57 34 Reviews 5926 reads
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My first time was about four years ago on a business trip to Australia where it's legal. I had done some Internet research and ventured into a brothel, told the manager that I was interested in a hour and she lead me up to an available room. About a minute later two ladies came in to introduce themselves and asked me which I'd like to see. One was a cute early twenty-something with flawless creamy skin and a very innocent look. The other was an upper forties lady (maybe even just a little more), somewhat thin but nice figure, very toned, with a very friendly look. Something told me to go for the more mature option, and I must say that it was a fabulous choice. Her name was Ann, and it was an incredible experience. Very sensual and tender, while at the same time erotic as all hell. The whole thing started slow and built to a steamy finish. Gentle kisses on her body got a very genuine response. Slow stroking and kissing and nibbling on each other ramped up until it was time for the cover, and we started with a little mish. I then asked her if we could change to doggie as I always wanted to try it but it has never been an option at home. We continued with that until I made the comment that it was a shame that I couldn't see her beautiful face. Never fear, the room had a small stage in one corner which had a stripper pole, mirrors along two walls and was covered in truly hideous blue shag carpet. On her suggestion we moved the action to the stage, which provided unobstructed views of us from almost all angles, and we went at it like rabbits on speed until I popped. She cleaned me up, we snuggled and cooled down on the bed for a bit, and then the hour was up. It was more than I even hoped it could be, and definitely set me on a path of seeking out and enjoying the experience and pleasures of a mature provider.

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