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Now If Only You..
StapleCenter 481 Reviews 1094 reads
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Seems to be a problem with her.  She needs to learn professional courtesy.  Complete waste of a drive and my time.

diamondgrl23 See my TER Reviews 642 reads
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Would have booked with me You wouldnt have had that happen Dan  :D

PS: I hope she apologized..nobody deserves a flake!

QueenBia See my TER Reviews 415 reads
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If you have 203 reviews, and do not read the local discussion boards before booking is weird. If you did a little homework you would have seen a huge red flag here locally by your fellow gents she FLAKES at any given moment in time.  Why waste your time?  We have top rated providers who pride them selves on professionally courteous here!

Sorry, but ask a fellow OG next time before you waste your time & $ in the future.  Try twins!

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ShillBill 434 reads
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Check the link for the latest thread. Also read the first reply to the OP, which mentions another example of poor behavior.  All this was found with a simple TER search using the providers first name as the subject. Easy peasy!!

StapleCenter 481 Reviews 456 reads
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StapleCenter 481 Reviews 7293 reads
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No apology from her.  Just a complete disappearing act.

Athletica See my TER Reviews 369 reads
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When a lady is No Show you must charged her with  No Show Fee...
When  lady has a bad behaviour she must be charged a fee for a Bad Behaviour...
Now, when a lady is  being a Naughty Girl...she must be rewarded with spanking in the BUTT...

mrroberts69 48 Reviews 452 reads
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Dont worry about it bro.  In reality  you saw her pix and read her reviews and wanted a piece of the action in total disregard  to the down side.  Its normal, we think with our prick more times than not.  You know "it wont happen to me", or "I might get lucky".  And sometimes we do.  I had a great session with her several years ago, just never return.  We can and should shout out about the no shows, bad behaviors, and other negatives when we run across them but if the ladies and gentlemen in this hobby were "perfect" then...well, never mind.  Cheers

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