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Re: Why you ask? because I've had good results using BP!
zeinteest 22 Reviews 556 reads
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I just read a few posts tonight, and I can't for the life of me understand why you all are trying to find providers on Backpage.  99.99% of BP is shite, noise, garbage, and well shite.  There are just too many horror robbery stories that got their beginning from some yahoo trying to find a provider on BP.  Guys, just stick to TER.  If you are looking for variety, check the TER ad page for L.A. and drive up on the weekends.  I see quite a few SD providers work in L.A. over the weekends, why shouldn't SD hobbyists play up there as well?

Athletica See my TER Reviews 609 reads
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Hi!...I am advertising in Backpage as well and yes i met some the the gents from here thru my BP adverstising...Sorry if u think that most posters there are not 100% accurate but i think you can do more research about them and it's because some have no good experience from some advertisers there that doesn't mean that every advertiser in BP  are all  the same...Have an Awesome Day!...

hiddenhills 138 Reviews 831 reads
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Of course, I just don't reach for the phone and call.  I google the ph#, use google/images and/or tineye, check for reviews here and other review sites. If my search results come up positive I have no problem contacting a BP advertiser. Diwata's reply was right on the money. BTW, I was curious after I read your post, so I went on San Diego BP, it took a few minutes, but there were other well reviewed providers on there as well. Bottom line, it's not where you find a provider, here or any other escort mall for that matter, it's what you do after you locate someone you'd like to see.

MSON123 44 Reviews 515 reads
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For the ladies, anyone in business would want to have the most exposure and advertise in as many places as possible.

For the Gents, TER is not the entire world. Ever look at the OC board? Seems there is a huge void between LA and SD. Literally!. What there are no ladies in OC? Well the reason is there are other avenues to advertise besides TER.

One of the biggest Flaws in TER's reviews is the inability to search in the "details" field. If you are looking for something in particular you have to read review after review, On BP you just search for a word.

QueenBia See my TER Reviews 1177 reads
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LA is way bigger & I travel up their weekly.  BP stinks unless you have a daddy & need to make a quota.

I stopped with the garbage to many lames.

bill88 146 Reviews 450 reads
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The risk vs reward with BP never made sense to me when you have TER. TER is the best.

DanishLacey See my TER Reviews 1058 reads
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i have a couple friends who post there but for me personally i can't get through the titles and im scared about verification on there! But my friends that do post on there are 100% legit and real!!!

MissToniLuscious See my TER Reviews 631 reads
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missevabliss See my TER Reviews 1115 reads
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I advertise on backpage as well because I'm secure in my screening process so its not a problem when gents call...

I do get jokers on the phone every once in awhile but I think that there are a few strange people on all websites lol.

If I was a hobbiest I would definitely feel safer calling someone from TER, but there are some people that don't know about this website and feel like BP is their only option.... Thats why I advertise there, and I've gotten some very sweet guys from BP that just didn't know any better and were new to the wide world of the hobby :)

When I get some from BP who are new, I introduce them to this website and they thank me for it!!!

If more girls from TER would advertise on backpage then the world would be a better place for those guys lol...

J.APPLESEED 48 Reviews 319 reads
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I would have to dispute the notion that 99.99% of all BackPage girls are  trouble. I've met a few ladies via the B.P.: Swedish Jessica, Freya Fantasia, Dixie, Sara of P.B. & Annalise just to name a few. If I see a gal that I like, I'll use the TER and a few other sites to cross-reference her track record. Yes, there are some bad apples out there but I wouldn't throw away the whole cart because of it. It all boils down to doing your homework. It seems like a bit of work but it always pays off. Just saying........

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