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HaleyOrlando See my TER Reviews 4796 reads
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just a little business question on the go today. Wanted to see how important reviews are to the gentlemen on this board.

Have a great weekend --- Kisses Haley

Hal1947 2883 reads
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Hi Haley,

I am fairly new to this, even if i am 64, so I will use the reviews before I see anyone. I realizing there are mitigating circumstances and that we are human and thus, subjective. Still it's a way for me to help in my decision making.


Sphinxnc 19 Reviews 4941 reads
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I will see a lady with very few reviews.  The reviews don't necessarily have to be from here, and they don't have to all be in one location.  If I can verify they are from different reviewers, and they show a consistent, positive performance then I'm likely to see her.

MSON123 44 Reviews 3670 reads
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Reviews are important to me for a couple of reasons. They validate her legitimacy. She is not le,  a rob, pimped or on drugs. There is also a $ consideration, I would pay less if no reviews.
But having said all that I would see a lady who was recommended by someone I knew or If she created enough web presence (discussion boards) that I got a feel for her personality or I met her at a M&G.

And In a weak moment when I am drunk, horny, and have a raging hard on and can't find a TER lady, I may find some comfort there.

vince59 15 Reviews 3461 reads
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I would and have seen a lady with no reviews. As long as I can determine that she is indeed a provider . I have done this twice . Had a great time with one and a so-so time with the other. So I guess theres a 50/50 % chance of a good session. But, The unknown sometimes excites me.

keystonekid 113 Reviews 3681 reads
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either a lady I have seen before or a fellow hobbyist who I know has similar tastes to mine. On a rare occasion, I have seen a lady who I got to know through her posts on TER and through PM and email exchanges.

arizbob 19 Reviews 5860 reads
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mrfisher 87 Reviews 3814 reads
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if I develop a good rapport with her from chatting on the boards or phone calls.

I've done that a few times.

patti 5492 reads
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I might see someone with no reviews if someone recommended her to me first.

vamikey 73 Reviews 4140 reads
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would be if one of a very few number of trusted providers recommended her.  If I don't find a good number of good reviews I move on.  Lots of fish in the sea. :-)

wlmink1977 15 Reviews 7494 reads
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Mega dittoes!!!  Also avoid Ladies advertising on certain sites. Besides, I am at an age where I have preferences and the ability to search those preferences are are important. Finally, i may consider seeing a lady from a forum such as TER where the lady may not have a review, but has posted.

WYSIWYGG 26 Reviews 3367 reads
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she is recommended by another provider or a hobby friend who I personally know.
For me, too risky to do otherwise.

Powerguy3 3964 reads
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The ladies I have seen with no reviews were utr ladies that were introduced to me by friends. I would not see an unreviewed lady without a recommendation from someone I trusted.

artrides 10 Reviews 5277 reads
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As a relative newbie, I found out how important reviews are.  My first date was great, I couldn't have been happier.  But my second one was a bit of a nightmare.  She was an hour late, high as a kite, wanted BBFS and then fell asleep in my hotel room before I was ready for that.  In looking back I noticed about a year hiatus with no reviews and then, right after my experience, a review shows up pretty much retelling what happened to me.  Now I am very careful, want recent reviews that are all glowing.  My last two dates have been amazing, just as good as those of the reviewers.  So, no, I won't see someone who doesn't have recent glowing reviews.

Angela_Petite2 See my TER Reviews 4780 reads
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Where the local VIP members would chat with you in the chat feature on here. We ladies all came to TER review-less , but through communication with the gentlemen, who did not ask graphic questions
but did reach out to have a normal decent conversation , some pointing the provider to his reviews
so she can get an idea what he liked was the way back in the early 2000 .

Times sure have changed though.R.O.B's impostures and more, that the guys are closer now sharing information and exchanging information about someone first.For those of us who have been around a long time sometimes I think its truly best to stay on the board and see only reviewed providers and let the new girls who may wander here , show her true interest by mingling with members and learning how to use the board and how to communicate herself . Getting her first review on here , if she is legit might
strongly depend on her prooving herself to the hobbyist. How? How does she do that? Kiss .

Got to go for now , I was able to come home for a short few hours from my weekend hobby friend.


greeneyedude 144 Reviews 6013 reads
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but usually its cause I'm thinking with my small head instead of my big one

now that I see several admitted newbies have posted in this thread, it would be wise for them to know that not all reviewers are created the same, some are shill white knight reviews so it helps to know who wrote the review and make sure its someone you trust

ie if a guy has 30 reviews and they're all 9's and 10's , either he's very lucky, has low standards or a shill

hiddenhills 137 Reviews 3871 reads
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and it's not a problem if you use common sense. I have a check list when I toftt and when all the boxes are checked I'll give it a whirl. Usually turns out fine.

KSM46 33 Reviews 4849 reads
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I will only see well reviwed women or someone who has been highly recommended by a man or woman whom I trust!!!  N Exceptions

KSM46 33 Reviews 4345 reads
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macdaddy1944 51 Reviews 4466 reads
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i have..and it is always a disaster..doing a newbie with no reviews is like going to one of those grab bag parties..you never know what you will get..and when you get you are always disappointed..now i always read reviews..that way i know what im getting with no hidden surprises..

xyz23 43 Reviews 4923 reads
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Like many have said. I would if the lady is recommended by a hobbyest or provider I trust.

swimtrekr 55 Reviews 4695 reads
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I also have a no-review, no-visit rule.  However, I agree with several who have said if she has been recommended by a trusted provider or hobby buddy, I will see her if she interests me.  

Reviews are a very important part of the research we must do, just as ladies screen us.  I have made this recommendation many times as moderator/host of the newbie board.  You can look anywhere for providers to visit, and after you find one, start looking for reviews, either here or somewhere.


JuliaCharms See my TER Reviews 5269 reads
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And Angela has a point in that we all come review-less, but my weekends too are mostly booked now thanks to one GREAT guy who saw my first ads and TOFTT knowing I was a rookie :)

Just sayin... ;)


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