Re: There's a lot of missing search criteria for BDSM.
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I thought there was going to be a BDSM specific REVIEW section added to TER. Was excited as that's the way I play. Searched all review sections, but to no avail. Am i just a bleeping idiot? Where can i find this section? i.e reviews of Dommes, BDSM providers? Okay, flame away at me!

Just searching reviews with the SM offered section checked brings up tons of providers who aren't really fetish and/or BDSM providers. Maybe there just aren't that many players or providers out there?

QueenBia See my TER Reviews 6350 reads
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Not all of them, but some do & it depends on the reviewer.  I wish there was a section for just BDSM reviews.  I feel that many fellas prefer to keep their naughty activities private.

Mistresstracy 5586 reads
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I don't know where you are located but I'm in Dallas.

Fair_Use 29 Reviews 4607 reads
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Sure would be nice if there was a pulldown menu for scat, golden showers, fisting, zoo, adult incest, preggo and branding. I'm probably missing something, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

jack302 7 Reviews 4147 reads
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Posted By: Madame Patricia
Not all of them, but some do & it depends on the reviewer.  I wish there was a section for just BDSM reviews.  I feel that many fellas prefer to keep their naughty activities private.
Yes, good points. I'm not sure why subbies would mind posting info about sessions. It's not like we are putting our real names and home addresses out there!  I think it is a pleasure to serve a beautiful Domme - and damn fun too! I realize that it's not everyone's kink, but what is?

It's just that i remember (at least) that reviews of Dommes could now receive higher ratings than a 7 for performance, as it is not about intercourse with them. Is that true?

Oh well, i guess we are still second class citizens! There plenty out there, and just because we are not vanilla? No review section? Guess one has to be a VIP member and select S&M "heavy" and hope the reviewers filled it in that way.

QueenBia See my TER Reviews 4431 reads
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OMG playtime I am ready lol! smile 4 me my fellow pervs!

jack302 7 Reviews 4365 reads
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Posted By: Santino Corleone
There was some talk about a seperate BDSM review section but that went by the boards so to speak.
I just think that the people who like BDSM are a very small minority around here.
That's well said, but when i search i see about 1/3 to 1/2 of searches of reviews/providers having the "SM" box checked. Now, does that mean that they really do, or for that matter have any knowledge of the art? Who knows?

I'm thinking that maybe more than a small minority provide, but maybe i'm a freak, and one of a rare few who enjoy this kink?

Just wish they had a section mainly because it is kinda unfair to judge a Domme on the same standards as a full service provider. Different thing entirely. Oh well, i think there is a market for it. Hey, maybe i'll start my own board?!!

jack302 7 Reviews 4207 reads
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Posted By: Santino Corleone
I don't know why so many boxes are checked S&M. My best guess is that some providers will do light S&M even though they are not doms and no S&M takes place during these sessions.
I think in the past, they had seperate ratings for S&M sessions because I know that when I had many nurse role play sessions, high performance grades were allowed even though nothing more than a HE was done. That has since changed.
Again, the vast majority of people here to plain vanilla escort sessions so there just isnt' that much of a demand for seperate reviews on this.
Hey, I love role play sessions with couples and I hardly ever see any reviews of people with MFM sessions but when I do, I find them fun to read. Not to change the subject too much but from what I have heard from the couples who see guys, the men are so homophobic that they won't write reviews.
i think you are pretty much spot on in your thoughts! Have fun doing the type of session that YOU enjoy! That's all that matters.

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