going on a trip and......
dondatnow13 6 Reviews 5382 reads
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Okay everyone,

I am a b'ltmore guy, but I am travelling to charlottesville, VA. I saw this ad and wanna know if you think it's real.

Ran it through tineye and nothin'.
Ran it through google and came up with her ads in other cities (and a page with all her pics.

I'd appreciate your opinions.

Captain Midnight 30 Reviews 4830 reads
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I'd be willing to call and check it out on the phone, and make my call based on that.  I would be reasonably sure the pics are not real, but on the off chance that they are at least a fair representation...

GQGH2 66 Reviews 5732 reads
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not her.   that same pic was posted on the MD eastern shore backpage.  Is hot though.

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