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anyone ever seen pamela vortex from queens?
she posts on CL and now on eros--shes hot--any info?

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TS Pamela on Eros New York – Queens

Since deelight didn’t even go to the trouble to post a link for our reference I could be wrong but I seriously doubt if he bothered to research the name, phone#, emails, etc., for reviews here in TER’s profile database or for comments in this forum.  Pamela is quite hot in her photos and I really like her ad because it seems genuine – the English is not so good but I’d like to think she wrote it herself.  This means quite a lot to me, perhaps she’s really trying to be genuine which could be a very good sign, but I’ll leave the other searches to someone else.  

[Climbing up on soapbox.]  Okay, this is at least the fourth of fifth one of these I’ve done over the past several days.  Look, these 411 requests are part of what this board is all about but for them to be more effective a link should be provided in these messages so the reader doesn’t have to go to the trouble to look up the lady in question.  C’mon guys this is not that difficult.   It seems obvious to me that these requests generate more discussion if someone can conveniently click on a link to see exactly who you may be asking about and if you tell them what other searches you’ve tried and the results, if any.  [Climbing down off soapbox now.]

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According to the second phone number she either was (or possibly traveling with)Alexia and the link to her profile and single review is below.

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