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One thing you have to remember...
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and over 1,000 injured and many seriously.

all this as a result of a fucking soccer game in Egypt. Yeah-yeah they take it serious over there but give me a fucking break do they really need to take it to that level?

I mean shit I am a huge GIANTS and YANKEES fan and yes I am disappointed when they lose but I get over it (with NO violence) before the post game show is finished.  

Maybe there is something I just do not understand...but even 1 death is not acceptable.

Thank you
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That incident with the game over there in Egypt probably was not a result of rabid fans but more than likely a politically based and possibly staged massacre. There is alot of instability there right now as one side is looking to reestablish a puppet regime in Egypt while another side is trying to establish a Muslim regime there and then you have other factions at work as well.

Unforchanatly many of those who died are just pawns were just pawns in a strategic game of political power.

The police there are getting alot of flak for not doing more, with the state of instability there right now I can't say I blame them for standing down, the respect for authority there right now is minimal and enforcing the law can very easily mean putting your life on the line and something tells me their paycheck probably doesn't justify

While there have been soccer tragedies in the past, I don't think this should be chalked up as another result of the "insanity" that many soccer fans have for the game.

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You are correct that the political situation over there is about as fucked up as could be.

All the reports I've read and heard is that the situatiion/riots were pissed off fans of the team that lost. I will admit anything is possible.

Thank you
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the media is a tool, a extremely powerful one at that, used by the estabishment to manipulate the thoughts of the masses.

I watch the news - but I don't watch it to learn what is going on but only to learn how the media is trying to keep everyone in the dark about important events.

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....such a boring game? It boggles my mind. It's a good thing they don't have an NHL franchise there. How the hell would they react to a fast and hard-hitting game like hockey instead of a game that's about as exciting as watching fucking paint dry. I know. I know. Like alot of people, they may not like, or understand hockey, but can you imagine what they would do when a hockey fight breaks out?

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