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Re: My answers on some of your questions about me!
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I don't live in DC but travel there often.  I have been privileged to spend time with some of the wonderful ladies in the area.However, I come from the mid-est and thought I share a couple of things with whoever--especially since this board doesn't look fully utilized yet.  For what it's worth, here's my two cents:  1) If you are staying in NVA, stay away from the phone book.  They are all rip-offs. The best scam is immediately asking for additional money for additional time at a special rate.  Yes, I was stupid enough to fall for this--twice.  I did not hassle or bitch or take them up for a credit on the next appointment.  However, the second time it happened, I told the young lady all I wanted her for anyway was to have a drink in the hotel bar.  We went there and I REALLY tried to have a conversation.  I'm pretty worldly and I THINK I was talking about stuff that wasn't too boring.  But to her, it must have been painful.  As a minimum, I guess I gave her carpal tunnel syndrome (right name??) from looking at her watch every minute for an hour (Yes, I paid for the "special" 2nd hour but was glad to see her go).  Cripes, she didn't even order a drink....2) After Hours DC is wonderful.  Enough said.  Amber, if you're reading this, you offer class service in great surroundings and part of the experience is being treated nicely by you--on the phone.  Anybody else, this place is the standard for incall.  Nice places (3), always met with a glass of wine, plenty of candles burning, and a SUPER rate!!3) Independent in-calls in DC have got to be "production" factories.  Maybe it's me and I'm being naiive.  Also, I have only sampled one place so far--turned out to be a a motel room on the highway, so I may not be being fair here.  But it seems to me I read alot of DC reviews that imply they're all "in and out" (yes, it's a pun).  Am I wrong?  Also, I admit I may not be fair because I tend to look for a little time getting to know the provider--so I typically book two hours, outcall.  I'm not looking for or expecting a girl friend but I do want a GFE.  Maybe my perception is clouded by my preferences...???  Comments??4) There seems to be a wealth of choices for upscale outcall.  I say, hooray!!  Claire, Anais must be super and I intend to find out.  However, (see phone book above) is there any "upscale" outcall experience out there that you can call at 7pm and still meet that same night?    5) How come I haven't seen any reviews on Inga?  She seems to advertise heavily.  I am intrigued but I am afraid I got "shut down by her"  My fault but it has never has happened to me anywhere before.  At the risk of sounding "whiney", I loved her web-site and contacted her by email.  After trading a few, she said I was too "provocative" and shut me down.  Maybe it was just a vibes thing.  I certainly respect her for that but I remain confused how my telling her that "I enjoy sex" in the context of a few other things about myself (nothing sexual) could set off alarm bells??  Am I naiive here??.  Certainly want advice because it's in MY INTERESTS that I make my provider feel comfortable, etc.Bototm line:  you DC-ites have a great city.  Certainly much better than here in the heartland.  I'm looking forward to my next trip.

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One thing I think you will find that just about everyone is in agreement on is that DC is unique in the best of ways about how the whole community interacts. No, everybody does not agree with each other- that would be impossible, but we get along well with few of the hang-ups that I see in other places. Read the other boards or better yet visit other cities and you will experience the difference. As for your observations #1 goes without saying. Not just NVA but I would tell you anywhere in the DC area. #2 Again, right on the money. AH as we call it has an outstanding reputation.#3- I am not so sure. It depends because there are some outstanding incall Independents that do provide GFE.(My position as moderator requires me to keep neutral but do a little research in the reviews section of our board)#4 Yes, Yes, and Yes-but on the last one(yes)never with the first two! #5 I can't say from either personal experience or from contacts. She seems nice enough but a mystery none the less. You are correct, this board is new and there are a few very good reasons that the post traffic has been low. One is that it was opened during the holiday week which keeps post down due to travel and family commitments. The others I would rather not comment on at the present time. In time however, as people find the site, the amount of active posters will increase. Please feel free to share your thoughts, observations,and ask questions. Information above all else will make your choices better and your experiences more enjoyable.

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Thanks for the reply.  I look forward to monitoring the board often.

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... but yes, you are being too "provocative."  Don't ever use the word "sex" in your contacts with an escort.  If you had used those words in an e-mail to me, I would have hit the "delete" button.  And by all accounts, you would have missed out on a great time.  You've already figured out how to find good reviews on an escort.  Let them be your guide.hugs,CaitlinSee

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Thanks, Caitlin.  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!  I'll be that much more careful in the future.

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My answers on some questions about me!I do advertise heavily (including All Local Yellow Pages: MD, VA and DC)Why no reviews about me?I offer extremely unique and special services for very limited and selective number of Gentlemen, I am only meeting one Gentleman a day and concentrating all my undivided loving attention and passion on him and only him! As,I mentioned, every meeting is extremely special and unique accession like no other! What is why I prefer that my  Gentlemen friends don't revile details about our relationship to the world.But, they certainly welcome to make any recommendations to you if they really desire!Also, considering your "nothing sexual" message to me, let me quote you:" I love kissing and everything else oral, although I have never “cum to completion” orally. I am not into S&M or domination or anything like that.  Anal is nice, if my partner enjoys it but it is not a requirement." Gentlemen, Please! This is a Good example for you what not to write me or any other Lady, if you don't want your e-mail blocked!And, remember:"I believe, I am a real lady, and I will treat you as a real Gentleman if you will conduct yourself this way!"Sincerely,Inga

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Inga:Well, I have certainly learned a lesson.  I will be MUCH more discreet in the future.  Good luck to you.TheBoss

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No problem! Every body entitle to make an innocent mistake!I wish you the best and good luck too!Sinserely,Inga

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