Has anyone seen Classy Angel before?
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I will be visiting Vancouver very soon, any information or comments about here is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Here is her link:

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4 / 8 time, do your homework before posting noob! ;-)

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Alot of scratch for covered bj

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I do realize that my considerations are higher than some other ladies, and if you are just looking to run through a list of acronyms, then I agree - there is certainly better value for your dollar.

However, I cater to a demographic of gentlemen who prefer an experience as opposed to just a service.  While most acronyms are available, we enjoy plenty of flirting, laughter, bantering, teasing and pleasing.  Alphabet soup is not the focus ~ a custom tailored, one of a kind experience is!

The risks of BBBJ have been done to death, and if you are really interested in learning more about the real risk to both you and the lady you view an easy to read chart here:

My health is very important to me, and I am not willing to jeopardize that for the sake of providing BB services.  

I always provide safe services, which guarantee my suitors never end up with anything worse than a cold.  Common sense with regards to safety is NOT considered a sub par service.  In fact, there are a number of gentlemen who value their safety and health every bit as much as I do, and consider always safe practices to be a positive and not a negative.

I've always been very open and honest regarding what is available.  If you desire something else, there are plenty of other ladies, at every price point, providing every service imaginable.

My niche is forging a genuine connection with my suitors, and providing a safe, yet unparalleled experience which transcends the mere physical, and  leaves them relaxed and rejuvenated, mind, body and soul ;-)

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You articulated very well your point and yes I do understand safety always at a premium.
When presented such a strong argument and hearing a different perspective then I would have to agree.
Classy Angel is not then a working title, yet a way that you carry and present yourself. Based on the way you come across, I am completely impressed and would enjoy the company of such a refined person, who is not only attractive in body but just as sexy in mind. My apologies for focusing only on one aspect and not considering the entire person. I erred and am big enough to admit as much.

Sometimes the little head does the thinking when the big head should know better.

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Now hold on a minute. I see Ms Angel allows men to go down on her uncovered. No risk there? I don't know. If I want mental stimulation I'll join a book club. Otherwise I want to feel those lips and tongue on my member.

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