Washington DC

Seriously? $$ for an hour
cauguston 3 Reviews 528 reads
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Hey guys, any info on Danica? She looks really hot but I'm hesitant about seeing a provider without a review, been burnt too many times by doing that.

Nomad0042 16 Reviews 151 reads
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With that body and at that price I'm immediately skeptical.

A few image searches showed some or pics to be fairly wide spread throughput the inter-webs.

Beg2differ 226 reads
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And you THINK she's legit?

Go TOFTT and let us know how it goes, but I have a feeling I already know the answer....


McDonald000 90 Reviews 237 reads
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This girl frequently post around the Washington DC area. Guess what? She now has new pictures. Apparently, she has been ripping guys off to have new photo sessions. The only thing I see different now is, she charges $200 an hour, instead of what she and other ripoff providers charge, which is $220 an hour. Someone has been leaking this info to them. Don't let her regular provider's rate fool you, she will rip you a new butt hole bro!

She will rip your ass off! Keep posting about a particular provider if you don't know who they are. I want to make those ripoff artist stay away from our area. You guys work too hard to have your money and dignity go to waste. Stay away from this ripoff, she change her name and everything! But, the pictures are the same.

Tall6969 42 Reviews 113 reads
5 / 7

I have arranged many a session with $$ per hour provider that were legit and productive.  Agreed, you must be careful and kinda know the ropes as you come across these offerings but when you find a legit offering you've typically struck gold.

The typical drawback is for the GFE lovers and most providers who offer $$ level service are non-GFE or GFE-Lite.  Other than that the service has been stellar!  So don't lock yourself out of the $$ market offerings.

cageyboy 20 Reviews 128 reads
6 / 7

Mac is correct.

This termite has already been exposed on the TER a few pages back on the Discussion Board. Avoid her at all costs. Even if you have to drive around the Beltway twice all the way around.

Here's a tip:
When you have some free time, grab a Coke, sit down at your computer and read the last ten or so pages of the local Discussion Board. It will quickly get you up to speed on the local termites.

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