Re: Ignore button is useless
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You could try NOT using the flat feature, but the tree feature instead.

Or you could try NOT clicking the post, which will not reveal the contents of the post as a result.

Posted By: KinkyKerri
It says ignored user but if I use the flat feature it still pulls all the garbage they post.  It's craxy how they continue to post every day several times on a thread. I agree I don't read what they say but can still see it.

MSHSEX 303 reads
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It might help if you did NOT read comments of people are your "Ignore" list, regardless of whether the Ignore button works or not.

Posted By: KinkyKerri
So why do they even have the ignore option if you can still read the stupid rude comments of the person you block. It's useless and the two people I have blocked are so annoying and do it on purpose and if the option really worked and everyone stopped responding to the ones everyone else probably agree are waste to the forum then they would go away.
Really wish ter would fix it. So if everyone that agrees will email ter maybe they will listen or not.

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