I've been
wavewalker 2 Reviews 5988 reads
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searching for Mona. Anybody got any info? Saw her quite awhile ago. Haven't seen anything on her for about a year.

retfin 2 Reviews 6863 reads
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Monae love was one of my favorites, but yeah I haven't seen her in awhile either. I hope she's ok, the last time I saw her, she had a black eye and I felt really bad, hopefully she was telling the truth when she said she was in a car accident.

lonelyguy128 74 Reviews 6749 reads
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If you mean Mona, the brunette spinner who did outcall only, I've seen a few ads on BP for her, but not many and I mean in the last year or so.  I never got the pleasure, but heard she is great.

wavewalker 2 Reviews 7478 reads
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Yea, that one! She is a sweetie!
As far as Monae, I hope she's well also! Never had the opportunity to meet her.

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