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Phone # 320-438-5137 .  She doesn't provide a name.  I've tried to review her but TER won't let me without a name.  I was a sucker.  She will upcharge and give you nothing.  Dingy BP apartment - hairy - fat - not the girl in the pictures - she actually insults you.  She is a total ripoff!

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I've encountered similar situations.  It's too bad TER won't allow reviews without a name.  Would be nice if they had a separate review page for such cases.  I know a number of providers change their names and phone numbers, so why not allow reviews?  Isn't the whole point to provide information?   Thanks for the info, though.  I've seen her ad an wondered.

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That's her alright...certainly not the hairy fat girl I saw in person...

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Posted By: breadmaker
Three of her photos are identical.  
 Two have tin eye hits.  
 You lucked out friend. Be careful. Do your research.

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Both of them can be installed as extensions on your browser so all you have to do is right click on a picture and select the search option.

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Thanks for the help - and for not giving me a mulitple choice test without bothering to answer a simple question...

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Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful (and defensive) reply.  I had never heard of tineye.  Thanks to those who were helpful.

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