LOL! Excellent reply! I guess it would be a "sad ending" if....
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Why do strictly therapeutic massage providers advertise in the "Adult Body Rub" section of BP when there is a perfectly good "Therapeutic" section therein?  I know it's been discussed here about how "sex sells" anything, but it seems false advertising to say this in your ad:

>"Come get a relaxing sensual massage with…a sexy massage therapist"

and then to say this in your e-mail responding an inquiry based on that ad:

>"I do not offer happy endings."

Wassup with that???

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oldguy666 64 Reviews 915 reads
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.....you went there expecting a "happy ending" and there was none!  :)

backbend 42 Reviews 743 reads
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I think it is fair game to "review" the therapists that post in Body Rubs even if they say the sessions are non-erotic.  And feel free to slam them when appropriate.  

I also think we need to start a trend of noticeably stating that when a massage is DIY that the information be placed in the section open to all.

I think you all know that I do not much cotton to the therapists that run ultra sexy adds in the strictly therapeutic section but offer nothing sensual.   But we can't do much about it here based on agreed ground rules unless they stray into advertising in body rubs.  Then all is fair game.

Grumpy old bastard, aren't I?

(P.S. I am actually quite the gentleman but I want to get my points across in a forceful way in these forums!)

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...DNT ("Do Not Touch").  Here she is:


Gorgeous looking lady!  But, she should not be advertising in the "Adult" section of BP, imho.

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Better than wasting time and money on a session and being disappointed.

TrinityLake See my TER Reviews 935 reads
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I know her personally, actually.  She is more sensual than can be advertised in the therapeutic section.  She is NOT DNT.  I just want to clarify that.  She does not do anything illegal, that's all.  Also, the birthday was an accident.  She's 29 and does have 10+ years experience.

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