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Globe Club in Zurich
mackenzie844 198 Reviews 34002 reads
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I never post but after my experiences at Globe FKK Club in Zurich.  I have been to clubs in Germany as well as a couple of different clubs in Zurich.  I have to say that I have never had such a good experience than I have had at the Globe Club.  
I can't wait to go back to Zurich.

Schmohawk 49 Reviews 22370 reads
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were the prices the same as germany?

mackenzie844 198 Reviews 23392 reads
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better actually. 160 for 30 minutes with a 100 swiss franc entrance fee.

mikelaval 21491 reads
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Globe is a clean fun place fill with beautiful girls. A bit hot in the rooms since this is a sauna place but great time... always go with a girl for half hour then a second tour bymeslf  jerking off in the kino movie while watching other guys and girls behind me climaxing !

derkdiggler 21127 reads
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While I have been to Switzerland many times I never got around to visit the clubs. Girls in Germany first told me about the clubs and what I read on the internet. What I had always heard was it was more expensive. So reading your post was good news but from what I understand 100 Swiss Francs is about 90 Dollars. I'm a bit confused at your response, did you mean 160 US dollars for 30 minutes and this included the 100 Franc entry?

Lets compare this to Oase.
65 Euro Entry fee
50 Euro for 30 minutes
115 Total Euros = 140 US dollars

From the website
90 Francs entry
130 Francs 30 minutes
220 Francs = 194 US dollars

I don't see how it is cheaper?

I've met several women who flocked down there due to the strong Franc and promises of more money who then returned stating it was not what they were told. I understand many of these clubs have popped up in Switzerland and that one big draw was that some clubs offered Condom less sex. That entry fees were one price covers it all but the prices were around 300 Euros entry.

If you ask enough women at the FKK clubs in Germany your bound to run into one who worked in Switzerland and then ask her for an opinion.

Since I have not been first hand this is only what I've been told and this could all be wrong, it would be nice if someone could address the actual costs for those who might be going?

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