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Hello everyone.

I’m sure you all aware that the host of the prior NE M&G’s is bowing out.
Having been to 2 of these parties (busted my M&G cherry), I can attest to the fact that they were very well run and attended.
(very cool people, ‘0’ drama!)
Some of my lady friends who attended (who do not attend M&G for the most part) also stated the same.

To me, after receiving said news, it seemed a shame to let a good thing fade away.
SO…………………after conversing with a few ladies I know, who are in the know (and who know MUCH more than I), I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

That being said, I would like to announce the 2nd coming of the NE M&G!
(or is that ‘cuming’! lol)
I also have an idea for an ‘adder’ to the current party which requires both sunlight and warmth.
The former of the two is a hope and will be up to Mother Nature, but the latter can be guesstimated.
I was seriously considering June, but due to some input and thinking about the cool/wet June’s of the recent past, my thinking has changed.
The 1st week of July is typically a great weather week, but no good for our party because a great many have plans/take vacation that week (I did when chained to my cube).
July is typically a ‘time off’ month which adds to the quandary.
So my thoughts are the 3rd week of July, midweek.
This date is not set in stone and input (with reason/explanation) will be considered.
Details will only be given to those who have been screened.
And unfortunately, previous screening info does not seem like an option at this time, so I’m literally beginning anew.
I am not currently a VIP (only when I review), so please do not PM me here.
Contact for this event will be email only via the address below:

Board handle
Strong references from current listed/advertising provider(s) will be required; no exceptions.

Stage name
You must have at least 3 (good) reviews and/or very strong references from a currently well-know provider, no exceptions.

Please include name(s) and all relevant contact info in your email.
I will not be doing any gumshoe-ing, so please make sure to let said provider(s) know I (or someone working on my behalf) will be contacting them regarding you.  

Also, I would also like to thank Radar (publically) for putting in the time/effort to get this thing off/running.
I know that life can be busy, but if you can manage, I hope you will attend.
You are more than welcome!

Best regards to all,

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wonderful! But such a long time to wait! lol

Any objections if I host one in May as well?

If any interest, please pm me or comment here or feel free to email me at
I would appreciate all input. Thanks!


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To All You Volunteers....

It's not the easiest thing in the world to try to revamp a gathering like this.
I am anxiously following tranquilwaters earlier thread about putting together a May CT/NE M&G party, and now yours, jhonny, about your volunteer efforts of putting a CT/NE M&G together in July.

Congratulations to you guys, and to the teams you put together, to help get these ideas put into reality.

To me, anytime is a good time. Though I think a couple months is probably necessary to get one planned and organized from scratch.

I'm not good at organizing "large" parties, but would be happy to join any preliminary discussion meetings anyone chooses to have to brainstorm. Every two to three weeks or so I host small groups of 2 to 3 provider-hobbyist couples to a cocktail, dinner and major entertainment event by private invitation only, and would be happy to share some of those experiences privately if needed. In my planning, I generally look ahead by about two months in starting my planning and invitation process, and that seems to work the best for me.

Best wishes for much success, and thank you for devoting the volunteer time to make something like your party wishes come to fruition.  We all love the one-on-ones that both gals and guys book, but doing/attending "gatherings" just adds a terrific new dimension to this hobby that all of us tend to love.


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................and I more than appreciate your defense/offer of help.

thank you (again)

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That address was a PITA!!
I apologize; it was late/ long day.
Anyway, the new address:

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i still got my room booked for March hoping Radar had a change of heart but hes got a lot going on,so what ever date you choose im there.

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I would look forward to an event in May. Re June - I'm still relatively new. The more opportunities to mix and mingle and getvto know people, the better.

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I've also been to a couple of the NE M&G's, in March and Sept. 2011.  Had a blast at both, but the Sept. event was special due to the afterparty fireworks with one certain, special lady.  That being said, a May date would be preferable to a mid/late July date.  Traditionally, there is a Mixer in NYC during that time frame, so you might wish to avoid overlapping with that potential event.  

Just my three pennies...

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parties, so little time! lol

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summer should be beautiful and a perfect location to relax. Now I need to find a nudist resort in the area to set my tent up.

Kisses Haley

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LOL! When I went to the last meet & greet I was up all night . Something funny happened too.
At 3AM someone who is a TER member but not on the guest list was booked and his door was
across from mine .Literally . I had to bring coffee to my other friend by 4AM so I never
slept but my friend who shared the room with me, she slept while I packed to catch my 7AM
flight. It was fun but I relaxed when I got home and fell asleep with a big smile on my face lol!


tranquilwaters See my TER Reviews 5101 reads
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sounds like you had a blast!

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