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no to the first question and
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How many of you have fallen asleep while you're masturbating??

Or, how many of you have fallen asleep when you're having sexy with someone?


KSM46 33 Reviews 5000 reads
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Serious answer - "never" to both questions.  I can't imagine dozing off during either masturbating and certainly not during sex. Afterwards, on the other hand, z z z z z z z/ LOL

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greeneyedude 144 Reviews 5628 reads
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that could be dangerous, might fall down in the shower and get hurt

G2 5027 reads
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pissed her off because she could put me to sleep in just about 3 minutes.

For her, "afterglow" meant talking into my ear.  What is it about sex that makes women want to talk even more than usual?

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I was traveling with my ATF and had a great dinner and a lot to drink.  We got back to the hotel, and unbenowstanced to me she took an Ambien, assuming that it would take about an hour to kick in.  We jump in to bed and start having a wonderful session. About five minutes into some daty, I hear some strange sounds, and I look up and find her fast asleep and snoring.  I couldn't contain my laughter.  I thought about a faux necrophilia session, but decided instead to go to bed.  She made up for it in the morning!!!  We still get a big laugh out of this.

Roadshow2 30 Reviews 5658 reads
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when not having sex.  Lots of time for sleeping.

grayhair 63 Reviews 3906 reads
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I've never dozed off while having sex, but recall an incident where I was getting a blow job from a young provider who was on pain medication due to a back injury.  I was enjoying the experience although noticed that she paused now and then.  All of a sudden she started snoring.....fortunately she did wake up and complete the action, but I never went back to see her again.

vamikey 73 Reviews 6186 reads
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When I was a young man in Army training many years ag, I actually fell asleep while walking a guard post one night.  I was in the middle of Advanceed Individual Training (AIT) for infantry at Ft.ix.  ONe of the things you were traiined on was walking guard duty.  The problem was that when you got selected for a night of guard duty, you did not get excused from the normal day's training, which was very exhausting on its own.  Instead, while your mates were getting their 6 1/2 hours sleep back in the barracks, those of us on guard duty were walking a guard post 1 hour on, 2 hours off, all night long.  And you couldn't get 2 hours sleep in you r time off, that 2 hours started when the guard truck picked you up at your post, and ended when it dropped you off for your next tour of duty.  So more than 1/2 hour of yout 2-hour 'break' was spent being transported in a bouncing 2 1/2 ton truck, where sleep was almost impossible.  Short story: you became increasingly exhausted as the night went on.  So I was walking my solitary post and dozed off, waking up as I was falling over, caught my self before hard impact with the ground, then went scrambling after my rifle, which I had of course dropped.  So you can fall asleep in almost any situation if you're tired enough.  A colleaugue of mine, years later, told me of going through Ranger training, where you went on a 48-hour exercize with no sleep time; a group was wading through a swampy area in chelt-deep wated with their rifles over their heads, and another soldier fell asleep and fell face first into the swamp, dropping his rifle.
That said, if you were ever that tired, masturbating or having sex would likely be pretty far from your mind (though I was young & had I seen a comely lass beckoning to me in the middle of the night, I doubt I'd have turned her down in favor of a nap!).
But for me the answer would be never & never.

PatJ 91 Reviews 4311 reads
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...back in the very early 80s - before AIDS - a very lovely young lady I met through an agency was giving me a very vigorous "Cowgirl." When finished she stayed in that position but rested her head on my chest. Within 5 minutes she was out - sound asleep. It was actually a very lovely sensation with her there but I was worried about the time and whether we needed to end the session. I let her sleep for about 15 minutes and then gently woke her. She sat up - very embarrassed - but I assured her I took it as a compliment. She looked down at me, smiled, and asked if I wanted to do it again. LOL!!! Hell yes! So much for worrying about time! :-)

Pat J

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Damn sure would not fall asleep while having sex with you Ashley.....lol


wlmink1977 15 Reviews 4719 reads
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This forum has some great threads!!!

vince59 15 Reviews 4302 reads
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yes to falling asleep but It wasn't me and we were done but she was still in the cowgirl position laying on top of me and fell asleep. I loved it I just let her sleep there. she was a little sore when she woke up due to being in this position for that length of time.

DNEFF 11 Reviews 5541 reads
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Has never happened.

fallonkelly See my TER Reviews 5461 reads
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Maybe it's to feel close and share an intimate moment with you.  Or it could be what I read in a magazine article that said it takes a women's body at least 30 minutes to return to normal after an orgasm.  For men, the body returns to normal after orgasm immediately and a hormone is released that makes you go to sleep.

So guys it's not your fault!

Posted By: G2
pissed her off because she could put me to sleep in just about 3 minutes.

For her, "afterglow" meant talking into my ear.  What is it about sex that makes women want to talk even more than usual?

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G2 4970 reads
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would put me right to sleep.  LIke most women, she wanted to be heard (as a husband has choice, LOL), and she probably figured after sex was the best time to get my attention.  But for me, having sex (at night) was a very relaxing segue to a restful sleep, and not the time I wanted to talk about important things.

I think the article you mentioned is probably right, however, because sex would energize her.  It was almost like all my energy flowed into her and she was as energized as I was fatigued.  Just another one of those inexplicable incompatibilities between men and women that don't make sense.

dreamin44-2 4909 reads
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How could that even happen?  Seems like an oxy moron.....

wlmink1977 15 Reviews 4231 reads
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lungman 10 Reviews 5009 reads
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while she was sleeping.
Never fallen asleep while having sex or choking the chicken!!  lol

Naomi_Sweets See my TER Reviews 5877 reads
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The date took a little something recreational before our meeting, drank half a bottle of wine during the first hour I was there - was obviously impaired due to the influence of whatever he was on mixed with the alcohol, decided he was ready for sex and then promptly fell asleep (aka passed out), while on top of me.  

That is the one and only times I can say I know someone fell asleep during sex.

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