pick up provider at strip clubs...
j.rick 4 Reviews 2510 reads
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what about picking up a provider at a strip club? at least you know what they look like and how hot they really are?

czcodger 5 Reviews 1432 reads
2 / 5

Normally a bad idea. Women working strip clubs have a distorted sense of value. You're better off using reviewed, reliable agencies or indies. I do not visit strip clubs, they are a waste of money for hobbyists that are in search of action.

Bostonguy57 48 Reviews 1536 reads
3 / 5

You are generally over paying if you try to do this.  You will spend hundreds on her in the club to get her interest and then she will ask for way above market value for her services.  In addition there is absolutely no way of your knowing if she is going to be any good in the sack no matter how good she looks.  

If you spend any time in a strip club the first thing you learn is that the "10" girls often give the worst dances...

GingerOnTour See my TER Reviews 1406 reads
4 / 5

Just sample in VIP because there is a good chance you will be paying double
for takeout (as a lady who works strip clubs this is the norm)

Gfehunting 630 reads
5 / 5

wise advice by bostonguy, couldnt have said it any better. Cheaper to just find a reviewed girl than chasing a girl who will play you

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