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they are both visiting my area.  do either of them provide?


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To be honest with you, Lisa Ann IS hot, but so are a quite a few other porn stars. Her performances, while they don't suck, tend to be kind of going through the motions. Can anyone honestly say that she appears to REALLY be enjoying herself. I don't know why there is so much interest in if she does or does not escort. She simply would be as non-gfe as could be even if she eventually started providing. Believe me, she will eventually escort utr, but for a premium. Other porn star have said they would never escort, only to relent eventually. I do admire her however for not putting down the girls who do provide.

tiggyshine313743 27 Reviews 2145 reads
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I send her a message "do you escort"?

Rudy Daniels 15 Reviews 2759 reads
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Shyla has a horrible reputation (at least lately) for being a flake and not into it if you DO get to see her.

As for that video, I understand her wanting to say that she doesn't escort but holy shit get over it. You are a porn star, guys want to fuck you. It comes w/ the territory that some guys will ask if you escort. It's part of the job of being a porn star that you will get asked those questions. Does it bother you? Obviously, ok fine. Do you get tired of it? Sure, I bet you do.  But if you don't like it QUIT. No need to do some shitty 1 min interview (post it on youtube no less) in such a demeaning and condescending tone.

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This scene is SMOKIN' HOT, ending with (for Lisa) a rare anal creampie!

Oc3025 1880 reads
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Shyla does, and it's been known publicly for years.

simmonse41 18 Reviews 2173 reads
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I stand to differ, and wish to ammend my earlier comment that she does not look down upon
the porn stars that do escort. On further review of her pathetic video she states, "I don't escort, I'M NOT A HOOKER." Those last four words are actually a backhanded slap at the girls that do provide, thereby exposing lisa's disdain for the personal choice they made. If i did have a way to contact her i would challenge her to tell me the difference between what she does and what they do without sounding like a complete jackass. You know the usual rationalizationS: What i am doing is an expression of art, or I do what i do because i really enjoy it and not for the money. I would then tell her: Bottom line, prostitution is defined as: Engaging in sexual activity in exchange for money. Unless you get no compensation from these companies that you're shooting for, guess what? You're a fuckin hooker. PERIOD. Sanctimonious cunt.

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... going through the motions and not enjoying themselves, I think of Teri Weigel! That's why you never hear of her on this board or anywhere.

edawg55126 3 Reviews 1603 reads
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Once again, Ed is on the mark...this scene is  fucking blazing hot.  I once saw her perform at Dreamgirls here in Minneapolis, before I know who she was.  She came out in a 50's bobby-soxer outfit and performed to a level that 15 years later I still have vivid erotic dreams about it.  She has only gotten better with age.

wazz_sidd 2211 reads
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It's a fact that most eventually start escorting these days. It's simply business more money and less work. For porn shoot their pussies are battered but escort the fuck is generally 5-10 mins but they charge for an hour atleast.

Jeneveve Jolie and Jasmine Jae both started escorting after awhile  
Posted By: gt96
Lisa Ann does not provide.

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