Gia Darling
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Dr 90210 and one of the episodes is of a guy who wants to be transgendered.  He visits the Dr in 90210 for the consultation and at the end of the consultation out walks this smoking super hott blonde that I have never heard of before called Gia Darling....Gia gives some comfort and encouragement prior to surgery but I was thinking OMG, I woiuld never know that Gia was once a guy.....does she provide?

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unless i missed something, gia is still a guy.  never heard of gia?  you must be very new to this.  nothing wrong with that, if you want more of her, she has the entire heartbreaker vid seriea along with directing the italian transsexual job tg set, or at least the last several.  tons of others featuring her notel motel, several with allanah starr, she's everywhere.  i particularly like her work because she is versatile, seems to really get into topping and talks it up during her sex and since i don't speak spanish, i can actually understand her.

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ok...thx..was just about to ask if anyone by chance know where she advertises for escort?  but I shoulda used my noggin and searched back for posts here on this board 1st...I do see that I guess she advertises from time to time on eros asking $500 or so....or I should just check out her website.

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Being a regular here tgirlsrgreat, I'm thinking that the keys on your keyboard may have gotten switched which caused a typo in your post and what you intended to say was that Gia is a TG  who has not not undergone SRS. Happens to the best of us. :P

Great list by the way

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