Re: Help in NYC
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Did you even try to search the board or look for reviews?

1.  TS Nina has over two pages of reviews.  
2.  TS Somad/Gabiela has been discussed here multiple times. Go to the search area and type in "Somad".
3.  Szilvia is a ts that recently changed her name but has been in NY for years.
4.  TS Vosha -  sorry can't help.

michev 1576 reads
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Try TS Ling and TS Leather Thorns both on eros and hot.

nevada64 1356 reads
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Regarding the beautiful Szilvia from Thailand.  I met her about a year ago.  I saw her ad and on Eros and I knew I had to meet her.
My first time with her was great.  No attitude,  and very passionate.
I've seen her another two or three times since.  I can't see her as much as I like, because she lives in NY and I'm in L.A.  However, when she does come to L.A. she usually calls me and if my schedule allows I go see her.  We've sort have developed a friendship.  We've gone to Thaitown a handful of times and have lunch together.
Guys, if you like Asian women, Szilvia is great.  She performs and won't disappoint.  Treat her with kindness and respect and she'll do the same.
Cheers, N.

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