TS Naomi Milian coming to VA
TGrladmirer 1544 reads
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wondering if anyone has any info on this one.... couldn't find any reviews, although she looks like a provider from a while back whose name eludes me.  thought maybe she changed her name which is sadly and annoyingly not uncommon

Naomi2010 1591 reads
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Hey guys....I've seen a lot of guys asking if im real, if im fake...well, I ask all my clients not to post reviews because of family, thats the only reason I have no reviews. Yes, these are all my accurate photos..Call for an appointment and You be the Judge

LATSDog 1635 reads
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Your link does not work but I like the pics. Checked them out the other day, saw them and thought they looked great and real to me.  Most just want to ensure they are setting up an appt with a safe, reliable, reputable person.  Unfortunately the fake pic factor has increased 10x in the past year due to economic conditions.  Apparently they are all at Tiger's house :)

harmlessfun 1211 reads
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Really a bummer that you're not downtown Naomi :)

Naomi2010 1130 reads
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Harmlessfun....Downtown where sweety?

TGrladmirer 1236 reads
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good question... what part of richmond are u in?

Naomi2010 1495 reads
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Staples Mill area sweeties.....very nice hotel

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