TS Seren Love
chtsman 5900 reads
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This beauty is in Chicago.  I am looking for any recent reviews on her.  She looks fantastic, but the reviews are 3 years old.  Any help would be appreciated!

LATSDog 6459 reads
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Ok, here is my opinion:  Hot, very hot, lots of rules, not a gfe, EXPENSIVE, non rushed but she carries a chip on shoulder or has attitude, fully functional and if you try to negotiate, 400 bones may be accepted but only to stop by and suck her off. Nothing else will happen my friend. Many other hotties out there w/o the attitude at 1/4 the cost.

LATSDog 2651 reads
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If you go see her, ask her if she needs me to stop by, pick up the mail or feed the cat :) Ha Ha.

LATSDog 1915 reads
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You do her and she owes ya one.  But the paypack is quite steep and don't wait around for the payback from her cuz it ain't gunna happen...ha ha.

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bamblue 1 Reviews 2121 reads
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I can't help you out with a current review, because it's been at least 3 years since I saw her.  Paid twice what a top-of-the-line escort goes for these days, and it was definitely not worth it.  Went to her house, and didn't even get invited to the bedroom.  Covered 69 on the floor in some room without furniture, and contrary to LATSDog's experience, I DID get a bit of the hurry-up.  

I guess if you're seeing her in Chicago, it will be in her hotel, so it will be kind of hard to keep it out of the bedroom, but I'd still pass.  There was no kissing, and there wasn't anything special about her technique.  If you like her face, beat off to a picture and save your money is my advice.

chrisjk 2458 reads
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Seren Love is a total class act.She is  no doubt a 10. I have seen her at least 10 tmesSeren always offers you a shower before and after a session. She loves to have here body worshiped! She loves to be kissed from head to toe as well as being sucked off. I have never been disappointed with any session with her. It is a fact she is an intersexual ...yes no hormones born and raised as a female.  She is very discrete and you should consider yourself lucky if she picks you     GOOD LUCK!

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