Re: Found This News About Danielle Foxx On Another Site
ritchie 4086 reads
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Danielle Foxxx Has a "Penisectomy"

--Gene Ross

Taiwan- A report just comes in that celebrated tranny Danielle Foxxx is a tranny no more.

Foxxx just had her package removed and wants to do straight movies.

If this is true its a sad day for TS fans like myself. I Hope she is happy and I wish her all the happiness in the world.

-- Modified on 3/13/2008 5:49:17 PM

TSsometimes 1482 reads
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She is moving to a new phase in her life. SOciety however is still in its old mode and will be for a very long has to mature and treat transgender people as normal people.

ritchie 898 reads
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Sadly I agree with your assessment of society and its really a shame that people are so close minded. Maybe with time things will change.

JohnHolmes1 1150 reads
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For the most part, IMO, society does treat transgender people as normal people.  As normal as they do an attractive white woman who lives with or marries a black man or visa versa.

You, me and people who paticipate in the sex industry either as a John or an escort have a sexual perception of things.  Guys who are not into TS escorts, but only into GG escorts will never think that a M2F TS is a woman.  Pure and simple, they will never get over the fact that she was born a man.  However, in normal every day society, if the TS is passable, no one knows she is a TS and of course she is accepted as any GG woman is accepted.  Being a TS is not a crime.  However, many people are prejudiced against and not looked upon as "normal" people.  Most of corporate America would not hire a 400 lb woman to be their front office receptionist.  The heavy weight woman does not represent "normal". Have you EVER seen a woman news reporter who weighed 160 lbs or more?  After 200 plus years, we are just coming to the time when the possibility of a black or woman president might be considered normal. Many of us do not accept that concept either.:)

TSsometimes 1311 reads
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I agree...fortunately, I come from a country, where we had a woman lead the country over 20 years ago.

BTW Candy Crowly of CNN is over 160 pounds :)

JohnHolmes1 1092 reads
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It figures you would mention Candy Crowly!!!:) On a local board, the thread topic was "hot news women".  As a joke, some guys posted Candy Crowly.  OMG, I hope for her sake she has a long signed contract!!:)  She is perhaps the one out of one hundred female news women, that most men would not go to bed with even if she were a free hook up date! :)

If not too personal or outing of yourself, what country is it that had this leader for twenty plus years who is a woman?

TSDanielleFoxxx 3492 reads
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Yes it is true!

I have been post operative for 6 days now and doing extremely well. If you'd like to read my blog the address is

I was offered a great job with shemalestrokers working in their production department, so I will still be very involved in the scene.

I am very happy with the results altho very scary, I have had no complications.

Love you all deeply!

girlwsumthinxtra See my TER Reviews 1531 reads
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Congratulations Danielle!

Wish you all the best in life as you start your new journey!


ritchie 1321 reads
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Congrats Danielle! I am glad you are doing well.

I hope you are happy and continue to be happy.

But you can understand why us TS admirers are in mourning :-)

Suckaholic 1109 reads
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Congratulations in the next step of your transition, Danielle!

What did you do with that beautiful tool you had after they removed it?  Hopefully they are going to put that into the Smithsonian, or at least the Porno Hall of Fame.

I think there's alot of marketing opportunities for your old parts. For example, you could use it as a mold for a line of dildos, or new style of popsicles just in time for summer.  Or you could put it on Ebay and make more money than god knows what. :-)

All kidding aside. Best wishes. Sorry I only saw the "old" Danielle in videos and my fantasies. I'm sure you are even more beautiful than ever and a gal I could take home to the family.

tsmandy See my TER Reviews 1522 reads
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Yay! Congratulations Danielle. Hopefully working at Strokers is at least as much fun as being a model.

thesmlovr 1370 reads
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Yes Indeed, it is a very sad news for all the Danielle Foxx Fans. Its really sad she decided to do the sex-change, procedure, I am Mega-Fan of all TS girls, and this news caused total devastation, I am still very sad. Dont get me Wrong..I wish her the best, she is a great Tranny-Escort-Actress-Person.

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