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The "Cougar" Phenomenon..
EbonyBellaDonna See my TER Reviews 2658 reads

I wonder how many hobbyists subscribe to the Cougar Phenomenon - you know, older women versus younger men.

When in search of the ultimate hobbying experience, what do you seek?

Meaning I love both older and younger women.  I have seen 40 year old providers and of course the 20 year old provider and everything in between.  I do prefer a little more mature usually because they seem to be more in tuned to what I want more easily than the younger one.

ive been hobbying since i was 18...im 28 now and have always favored more mature providers.  they seem to enjoy themselves a little more.

I prefer my providers to be at least in their late 20's.  Younger providers I've been with just don't seem very skilled.  It's almost as if they think their younger bodies are all that's needed for a good time.

I love being with an older woman who likes her work and knows what she's doing.

Ozymandias791 reads

I confess to being the typical cad who exclusively goes for the young, smooth, tight girls.

I very much demand a flawless complexion. I am very spoiled by the amazing women I've known, and it's just easier to find "flawless" in "young".

Also, they are less likely to have nauseating plastic surgery.

The two top providers I've ever had were 18 and 20... both asian. Yowza.

Now when I was very young and in college, I tended to like "older" (ie. 20-30) so I guess really my age range of interest has remained more or less the same over the years, so I've kind of swapped "older women" with "younger" as I've aged.

I have to admit though that I would probably never knowingly employ a provider over the age of 30.


most providers who are 35 or above are appealing to me... many of them (two in particular) I can spend an evening with, have a decent conversation and really enjoy myself - but if I am with a civie of similar age and life experience....  the evening tends to go south...

If I am with a young provider (Below 29 yr.) the evening is kinda ackward... and there are uncomfortable gaps in the conversation.  However, if I am out with a civie of a similar age and circumstance... then they tend to be better conpanions!  I cannot explain it, it just is.  I have said this before... but I find it to be true.... soooo what do i seek...

Sexy, fun to be with, talk to about a wide range of subjects and most important - someone who is comfortable with themselves.... and can have a good time.... and I was with one such person last night!  Thanks!

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