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Does body count affect ability to...
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pair bond and find a monogamous partner in the future?

I came across an article that seems to indicate so.

Curious what you all think.

Nothing like an experience woman . I hate having to initiate everything.

Why would anyone with a high body count be honest about it?  

I remembered  in high school 95% of the girls say they were virgins...was far from the truth,

as the choice is likely to be related to the observations. I didn't read the link but would suspect it is more a case of confusing correlation with causation.  

I suppose there is a possibility that habit forms resulting in the preference for change (so multiple partners) or a case of never getting too close emotionally and substituting physical for a deeper relationship with someone but how much of that is nature versus nurture as it were? Don't know or even have a good guess.

Is that she is warning women about the insecurities of many men who would consider her an unsuitable spouse if she has had a large number of sexual partners in the past.  My own experience is that I have had longer relationships with women you had more sexual experience than average, and my own belief is that if they have gotten their slut cravings out of their system when they were younger, they are less likely to cheat on me in the future.  Promiscuity is temporary for most women and not a life-long choice, so the younger they get all of their sexual questions answered about differences in men, the more solid future relationships will become.  I'm not sure that I buy into the author's theory that many partners at a young age will disrupt future relationships.  For me, it has made them fore settled. Everyone has a past, but it doesn't matter unless that is where you want to live. I think this lady should ask for a refund on the cost of her education.  

Does no one find the absolute irony in the fact that guys are on an ESCORT board dissecting how to find a monogamous partner? The underlying fantasy of a trad wife is so 2023 peak cringe.  

is transitory for a lot of guys, just like it is for the ladies.   Although I have been in it since 2007, I don't plan on doing this when I'm really old, say mid 70's or higher.  I would much prefer to settle down with a younger woman and have her take care of me in my old age doing all of the things I rely on providers for now.  Although I once read an article about 92-year-old twin sisters still escorting in Amsterdam, I don't think most providers are planning on still doing this kind of work in their 70's or beyond, either.  There's a point on both sides when I think you just age-out.  I think at that age, if I had one woman who would bring me a single malt, rub my feet and give me a BBBJ twice a day, I could be quite happy.  So, NO, I don't think it's ironic at all. While I don't believe you should live in the past, you will some day have no choice about living in the future.

I heard when a woman hit  her 90's ,she is like a virgin again😁.

Get on YouTube and check out an English who at 68 is still escorting  and swinging. She look good too, looking about 50 plus .

she won't remember ever having had sex before?   Lol

Monogamy can apply to either marriage or a relationship.  If you are going to raise children, the woman is especially interested in a traditional partner, (so are responsible dads.)   By age of 45, 85% of women in the USA have had at least one child.  So trad-spouse is still the most common sought after by both sexes.
It's true that upcoming generations are remaining childless longer so that could effect the over 45 lifetime total childless percentage, but it remains to be seen how many will change their minds when the clock is about to run out.

Monogamy and monotony sound so much the same?  At a certain age, I don't think it matters, but that age is really, really old.  

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When I cum in their cunt, I become totally aloof to them. Up until that point, I am as sweet, kind, caring as I can be. It's  like a switch in my brain. Once I cum, I go back and sit on my couch, turn on the TV and just keep watching it without saying a word.  It comes into play when chilling with SBs - not a whole lot when in comes to hookers.  Sweetest sound a bitch can make is closing the door behind her as she leaves my condo.  

Who knows perhaps there is some truth to the article. As someone who started mongering at 21 and now 42 (in a few days) I have spent 50% of my life paying for pussy. So it doesn't sound  like a leap in logic to conclude that I cannot bond with bitches, or can only bond until I get something from them, which in and of itself is quite a blessing.  I would at least not get get trapped in bad marriage. LOL..

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Having a lot of sexual partners while you are single.....That will only affect you if you allow it to affect you. Do yourself the way you want to do yourself.

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I like to "do myself" by wanting to blow my brains out even before reading your post - just by merely seeing that you have posted on the boards.   But in this post you make a lot of sense.. LOL.

I was walking behind an ex girlfriend in her kitchen, and my cock sprang to life.
Yesterday another ex gave me a hug, and the same thing happened again. I was ready to go.
So those (physical) bonds have survived, and pair bonding is real in my opinion.
Of course that doesn't say anything about the future.

"pair bonds" you have, the better, because you never know when one is going to turn to shit.  

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