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Praise the lawd for common freaking sense! Some people need to brush up on reading comprehension. E.
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I had a weekend travel trip and hobby a couple times.  One was a well reviewed girl.  She was willing enough but her place was a complete dump.  I wondered, how many people actually live like this?

The carpet had so many stains it looked like it was used outdoors.  Piles of clothes, bathroom, shower dirty.  I couldnt wait to get out of there.  Many have asked, why did you stay?  Well, unfortunately, I had done my research, this girl got mostly 7 and above.  Her service was good.  But after the drive there, got inside, and then the idea of going without....I (probably like most) decided to get my nut and run.  But the drive out made me feel ill.

For this reason, I really appreciate metion of this in the review section.  In a like vein, I appreciate the mention of a smoky environment.  For us non-smokers, it can ruin the session.

never judge a book by its cover..you got to see the book..

I disagree.  I have a modest little apt where I allow a select few gents for incall.   I think as long as the location is in a decent area and the place is clean - thats all that matters.

I don't give a shit about luxury. But clean is important of course. A clean place in a decent part of town is fine. No luxury needed.

LOL at the carpet comment though. Yes carpet is not the preferred flooring in most places anymore:)

work out of anything that did not have impeccable furnishings and a supply of drinks and snacks in stock. Clean and "good areas" are subject to opinion, so that will depend on the guy. What some consider a "decent" neighborhood, others consider the ghetto. Bottom line...I will work where the client feels most comfortable.

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Dear Ms. Rayne:
If you had to develop a survey with respect to how the appearance of an incall would relate directly to the hobbyist experience with a provider, how important do you believe that would be to most avid  hobbyist? Also the fact that the incall was not well kept and slightly outdated, would have more of a subliminal effect on the fantasy with the provider as well.

I offer "luxury" companionship...not average, and not just enough to pass muster. Some guys care about this, and obviously some don't. Most of the men I see demand a certain level of accommodations, and I provide it. Simple as that. There are some things I will not do for clients, and there are some I have within my power to do.

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...as long as it's kept absolutely clean, but the same goes for any other type of flooring. i have noticed a lot of dirty floors in some very expensive, so-called "upscale" new homes because some folks seem to live under the assumption that nice hardwood, marble, travertine or slate flooring requires little to no cleaning. being a bit of a germaphobe and neat freak, when i visit someone's home (or a hotel room for that matter) my eyes gravitate to the corners and crevices of a floor first, as cleanliness in those areas indicates that someone is taking the time and attention to maintain a space properly.

i maintain a pleasant incall apartment in a very nice, quiet residential neighborhood. when selecting the place, there was the option of choosing hardwood flooring throughout, or white (yes, WHITE) carpeting in the main living areas with nice, large ceramic tiling in other spaces. i chose the latter because the carpeting allowed for a much warmer/homier feel, it's much easier to clean thoroughly, and it's much quieter when walking about. everyone knows to leave their shoes at the door, and my guests often comment on how the carpet stays looking brand new. and that is even with my long-haired cat accompanying me on nearly every visit.

bottom line...dirty is dirty and clean is clean, something as superficial as flooring-type is no indicator of class or hygiene (unless maybe we're talking about granny's puss green/orange/yellow patterned linoleum lol).

has it in the bedrooms. I did not buy the crap, nor would I have it in my home. I just think it looks tacky. It's only my opinion lol. We all like what we like...no crime in that I suppose.

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you sound like you were horribly traumatized and emotionally scarred by ugly carpeting sometime in your tender years. i am so sorry, just remember, the shag can't hurt you anymore. *hug*


I don't need or even want luxury. All I need is for it to be clean and it doesn't need to be spotless just clean. It also needs to be discreet as I don't want cops showing up. I don't even need a bed. one of my former favorites only had her massage table and the floor in her incall and I was happy.

... I saw that she had a studio apt with an infant in a bed just inches from hers and seperated by only a curtain. I walked out.

no defending her but some girls just do not have a choice.

as for OP's appt with the girl with the dirty carpet, maybe she has no control of it...do you have any idea how much it costs to move? and maybe she's just making enough money to save up to move...maybe she's barely making the money to survive let alone worry about her carpets....on the other hand, if her bathroom was dirty, then thats on her...my bathroom is nearly always filthy but i have three kids that like to play in there and even if i have just have friends coming over i ALWAYS make sure the three main rooms people see (living room, kitchen, bathroom) are SPOTLESS.....or, maybe she just wasn't taught how to clean properly...or, maybe she just didn't give a rats ass...who knows.

however, if she looked good, the service was good, why knock her apt? maybe, just maybe she just *doesnt* have a choice of where she's living. there are many many variables with everyones homes....some landlords also don't give a shit. maybe she's complained to her landlord about her carpets...i know with *MY* landlord, i have no screens in my apt...(come to think of it, my neighbors downstairs doesn't have screens either) and we always have, when it gets warm, bajillions of flies...does that mean if i were to take clients in call at my location (i did say IF) that id be judged because i have flies?

please think before you judge someone else's living situations. Some people just have lower living standards then others but that doesn't mean they're awful...theyre still people who need to make a living.

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There is no excuse to be messy and dirty (carpet aside). I would knock her apartment if I was walking into that area expecting clean and tidy.

The area and atmosphere are part of the total experience otherwise we could all get away with a mattress on the floor and a pile of sheets...drape on, whip off, rinse and repeat.

Hell I have friends I can't visit because their places are a freaking train wreck and it bothers me to sit in it. And I have clothes on!!!

As I have said above, one provider I have seen didn't even have a bed to fuck on in her incall, but it was clean. What the OP is describing is filth, filthy incalls are not acceptable.

Lastly, placing a child at risk by having it there while you break the law is also no acceptable. I would report such careless acts. There is always a choice in life.

And, no I will not take back my harsh words because if you are fking random strangers with your baby in the same house much less the same room, you should be shot! Give her a medal why don't you. FYI, I am not the one "pretending" to be classy lol. You won't find that word anywhere on my website, as I think it's more than hilarious for any HOOKER to make that claim even if certain traits about them might warrant it.

What I am however is a mother with common sense, who would never be so stupid to put her child at risk that way. I go through great lengths to protect not only my family from this life, but also my face being associated with it because that is something you can't take back.

Am I being judgemental? Damn right! People can do what they want, and those of us who don't agree can call them stupid for it! That's the way it works.  I hope guys are paying attention to the women who defend this type of behavior because if they are STUPID enough to put their own damn child at risk, what does that say about the risks they will put on the client lol. Nuff said.

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to judge each and every part of the service we provide including the shit hole some choose to work from. It will be judged, mocked, and laughed at no matter what so why is this such a shocker? I did not start the thread and quite frankly some people are too stupid to even be a decent hooker. It is really not rocket science to know you should at least provide decent accommodations. If she can't afford better, that is not the guy's fault. She is actually losing more business by doing it this way. These guys for the most part do not care about us or what our situation is, so saying "Maybe she can't afford better," really does not matter to them when those reviews start coming.

It is a brutal business, and not one any woman can be in and be successful. Those are just the facts.

Well officer I came over to pay the lady for sex, but when I saw she had a kid I thought I had to call the cops? Or how do you explain to the cops how you know she is putting her child in that situation. Are you going to give false testimony to the cops on how you know? I am not saying that I am defending the lady for having the kid there, but just how do you call the cops without causing yourself some problems?

Just have to call the child abuse hotline and place an anonymous tip and they will look into it, and you are safely out of it.

You do realize you can call CPS without giving your name. They don't need to know "how" you know to look into it. You can say you live in the same apt. complex and notice a slew of men coming and going in about an hour length each with a child there. It's not rocket science to protect yourself when exposing a danger to a child. When a hooker tells the cops a client raped her, I have never heard of her being charged with soliciting for reporting it...that comes out later IF the DA decides to press charges.  

I am not suggesting clients go around and call the cops, but I am not a client either. If I had a provider friend who was doing this crap to her child, damn right I would report it to CPS after I begged her to let me help her. I have helped TWO pregnant providers so they did not have to do this whilst pregnant, but when I discovered one of them was doing cocaine, that was the end of that.

And I am a client. I have more than once called ether the CPS or the cops because I seen abuse or endangerment. What that lady was doing is endangerment. Those that can have a duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves, this goes double for babies and small children. I would do it in a heartbeat even if it means I get busted as well, but there is ways to do it without getting busted as you have stated. Clients should act like men by protecting innocent children and not cowards or enablers that are complaisant about such things. Real men will always protect children, even if it costs him.

kind of compassion you have for women and their children. I know you would always do the right thing if you saw something like that taking place, as would I.

Just a few thoughts.....

Let me first start with the OP.. I am sorry you were disappointed and that type of incall set up is inapproiate in my opinion.    

Trash and filth are amoung us all. Some of us have a better eye for it then others. Some can step over and around it and never notice.. some of us just keep our mouths shut until we have had enough or move on to bigger better things..

IMHO, Ladies who encourage calling  the cops on someone they don't know for the simple crime of   not being  the best house keepers in the world and who use the word C*nt in reference to said person are no more classy then then one who does not keep a clean house........

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That lady you are referring to... she's a smoker! IMO, any provider who smokes at their provider location is just as bad as someone who doesn't keep their location clean. Go figure...


Posted By: mistressjessica
Just a few thoughts.....

Let me first start with the OP.. I am sorry you were disappointed and that type of incall set up is inapproiate in my opinion.    

Trash and filth are amoung us all. Some of us have a better eye for it then others. Some can step over and around it and never notice.. some of us just keep our mouths shut until we have had enough or move on to bigger better things..

IMHO, Ladies who encourage calling  the cops on someone they don't know for the simple crime of   not being  the best house keepers in the world and who use the word C*nt in reference to said person are no more classy then then one who does not keep a clean house........

(she is totally capable of defending herself) but her "call the cops on the c*nt" comment was aimed at the lady with the infant 6"away from the bed she was fucking strangers on. Had nothing to do with the lady keeping a dirty house.

before they'd get you for an unfit house, baby or no baby.

Sad state of affairs.  As long as nobody can see the crime, no one cares.

I know that. And i said that some girls have no choices. They have to do what they have to do to make a living and put food on the table and clothes on their and their kids backs....If you've never been in that situation, then you wouldn't understand. and while i have never taken clients with my child in the room, I have been intimate with my husband...Whats the difference?? So married couples who have sex with their child in the room should have the cops called on them too??

I find that logic ridiculous. A lot of women keep their babies in the room with them for a while after their first born. I know I did, because it made late night feedings and changing easier...Are you telling me that this mom was in the wrong because she was trying to put food on the table and take care of her child??

If she had a studio apartment, just where exactly was she supposed to put said child? and if you say to get a sitter, would you pay for it?

Honestly, I am a single mom, having lost my husband to a car accident several years ago and have had to do some stuff to take care of my children that would make a regular persons toes curl... but, thankfully, now, and even then, i have  (and had) friends that I trust to take care of my children while I'm at work at the club, or taking clients elsewhere, but judgements are ridiculous on a site such as we are on...I understand concerns but really, look at the situation at hand before making snap judgements about someones life.

I go back to what i previously said...Maybe this girl with the child couldn't afford a bigger place...maybe she couldn't afford a sitter and she had to do what she could to provide for her child.

and, in reference to the OP with clothes and whatnot on the floor...if theres no closet space or enough dresser room for all the clothes you have, then theres not much you can do...In my place, even as big as it is, i have TWO closets. thats it. Two. and i have 4 people living here. I can guarantee that i almost always have piles of clothes everywhere because between me and my three kids, we have enough clothes that could last us 3 months without having to do laundry. Sometimes theres just NOT enough space for it all.

My post was directed to Jessica, not to you. You posted your reply to London. If she wants to reply back to you , she is totally capable. Jessica also posted a reply to London. My post was a reply under Jessica's post, and it was simply pointing out a technical point in the discussion board thread. Jessica's post insinuated that London proposed calling the cops on a lady for being messy. If you followed the thread correctly, London proposed calling the cops on the lady with the infant. I was merely pointing that out. I was not defending London or supporting her post, as was clearly stated in my post.

Now since you brought out some points and directed them to me, I will reply.

No, I wouldn't call the cops on the lady with the baby, but I would leave. Having sex with your husband in front of your baby is not the same as having sex with a stranger in front of your baby. And even with your husband, I sure hope the baby is an infant, because if he is any older he should not be in the same room. Now as far as a stranger, yes she better get a baby sitter. (and no I'm not going to pay for it) If she is making 300/hour she can get a baby sitter.
A provider having an infant in the same room is just crazy, I don't care what the circumstances are. She is putting the child in danger, and definitely risks having CPS take it away at the very least.

As for the messy room, if it is because of lack of closet space as you say (and I know what it is like to grow up in a tiny space with lots of people) there is a simple solution. Don't do incall there! (of course I don't think a provider should do incall in her living space anyway, but that's another topic). How about outcall only. Many ladies do that.

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You husband was not a stranger that you know is willing to break the law and social norms. I know more than a few ladies that has been raped and/or robbed by clients. Not every guy in this game is a good guy. escorting is not a safe profession. A child should not ever be exposed to those kinds of risks, ever. There is always a choice.

And I do understand poverty, I have gotten more than a few meals out of a dumpster as I could not buy food and there was no social services in the town that had the park that I slept in as I had no bed. The lady can find other work, millions do, hire a sitter, or just do outcall. There is always a choice in life.

Children should never be exposed to providing and it WILL cause a lady to lose her parental privileges if she is found to be doing so.

I don't care HOW poor you are.  You find another friend to work with and take turns watching each others' children while the other one is working for a couple of hours.  There is ALWAYS something you can do to keep your children OUT of your work.

Children seeing mommy and daddy having sex is NOT comparable to seeing mommy having sex with strangers.  I don't know how anyone could not understand this.  We are our children's role models.  It's our responsibility to give them something to look up to and model themselves after.

I am constantly amazed at the fact that anyone can become a parent...no qualifications required.  So sad for the next generation when they have such a weak foundation to build from.

I don't believe in abortion, but some women should have just went that route because the kid is in more danger being alive with them as mothers. Goodness.

Fking random strangers ILLEGALLY where a child resides much less with them in the room, makes you a complete idiot, unfit mother, and the list goes on! Having sex with a husband is a far cry from screwing strangers who only have refs for you to go on. I can't believe you even tried to make that a legit comparison. Apples to Elephants in this scenario. Here's an idea...go find another line of work if you can't do this one with a bit of common sense, and you just told the entire board you live with 4 people and work out of your home lol. Brilliant!

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i'm just glad i wasn't the only one here who was highly disturbed by that post. in fact, if said poster is legit, she should be very, very grateful for the relative anonymity of the internet. because if i knew who and where, there is no way in hell my conscience could allow that to continue.

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Well, London did NOT clearly identify WHICH comment she was referring to. She used the Subject Line and ended it with a EOM without any clarification in the Message section. Therefore, that leaves her open to be commented on.

Never mind the comment that she was posting on... many folks will comment on another part of the thread of the OP. A bit more clarification would have saved her.


Posted By: perfectstorm
(she is totally capable of defending herself) but her "call the cops on the c*nt" comment was aimed at the lady with the infant 6"away from the bed she was fucking strangers on. Had nothing to do with the lady keeping a dirty house.

Why is it so difficult for some??

Here is how it works:

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Got it??

Oh and if you are in flat mode then switch to tree as it makes way more sense!

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Posted By: mistressjessica
Just a few thoughts.....

Let me first start with the OP.. I am sorry you were disappointed and that type of incall set up is inapproiate in my opinion.    

Trash and filth are amoung us all. Some of us have a better eye for it then others. Some can step over and around it and never notice.. some of us just keep our mouths shut until we have had enough or move on to bigger better things..

IMHO, Ladies who encourage calling  the cops on someone they don't know for the simple crime of   not being  the best house keepers in the world and who use the word C*nt in reference to said person are no more classy then then one who does not keep a clean house........

about calling the cops was because of the child the poster mentioned. If I was that stupid, I would hope someone would call me on it. Perhaps some of you think that's ok to have a child around while you fk for money, but I don't and I will not pretend it's cool. And yes, "classy" in association with a fk board is an oxy moron if I ever heard one lol. I don't need to be classy on a hooker board to be successful...obviously. :)

I have enough class not to put my child in danger or work out of a craphole...meh.

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Rather than embarrass this girl who obviously was having a very tough time and trying to do what she could do to take care of her infant and herself-you should have at minimum given her some or all of the donation as opposed to just walking out-it isn't - according to your information-as if she was drugged out, or drunk, or cooking meth-she had an infant---have some compassion-show some level of support-but for the grace of whatever-whomever go you or I..............................................................Can you imagine how she must have felt?

I think you had the right to walk if having the kid there made you uncomfortable.  And I don't think you owed her anything.  If that sounds harsh, well, I have no idea what I would've done.  The worst "other occupant" I've had to deal with was a dog or two.

I think cspatz was being sarcastic in his reply to atl. I could be wrong, but that's the way I took his post. In any case, I agree with you. He owed her nothing. She is entitled to nothing from him. If, on the other hand, he felt like leaving her money but not proceeding with the appointment, that would have been fine too. His money. His call.

Subtle humor usually escapes me!  LOL!

... funny, you show a kind streak and people think you don't mean it. Says alot about who is doing the reading.

It is always hard to gauge what someone is saying in a typed post. Since your first post said you saw the infant and walked out, then when ATL said you should have left her money, you replied that you weren't thinking straight, I just assumed it was sarcasm. I did admit in my first post, that I might be wrong, and I admit it now. It's just the way I took it. No offense meant to you.

I still stand behind the rest of my post. You didn't owe her a dime. You had every right to walk out after seeing the baby, and leave nothing, as I assume going into the appointment you had no idea. You also had the right to walk out, and leave her money if you so chose. And you know what? You also could have stayed and fucked her with the kid right there. I'm sure many others have. You couldn't have been her only client ever. In any case it's your call. Personally I have never run into that situation, and hope I don't. Not sure what I would do. Well I know I wouldn't stay and fuck her.

for her child. I will never reward child endangerment. That girl should be embarrassed and ashamed. She is putting her child at risk. I would pay a druggy before I pay someone putting her child at risk. I could care less how she felt.

I mean seriously, if you are not making enough money as a hooker to be able to provide child care and an adequate incall, then why are you here to begin with? Seems logical that the money is not coming in or you are putting it up your nose...or elsewhere. This is really not that complicated of a business, and some people still screw that up. I tell you what I have compassion for...the freaking children born to some of these dimwits! Putting food on the table? Really? Not if the damn kid is in the room you're not. If the money was there, you would not have need to turn tricks with a kid in the room. There are government assistance programs as well, and there is no shame in being poor. The shame is on being an idiot!

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taken her to the store or dropped off actual food vs. handing over money so she could buy more drugs. That child has no business anywhere near such a situation and this further proves my point that many guys don't give a fk about our situations outside the hobby. Should they? I really don't know how to answer that, but it is certainly NOT a client's responsibility as they did not sign up for this. They hobby to avoid the drama that is associated with a gf where this might occur.

on the review form. Or even the location..."her dump of an apt." or "her bug infested rat trap."

Seriously though, totally unacceptable.

I see nothing from the OPS statement that said there was a kid in the place..

While I agree as a single mom sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do but NEVER! NEVER EVER bring your kid to any kind of a date! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!11

i can agree with this...i don't think the the OPs date had a kid, i believe it was someone who commented.

... my original post says, and I quote,  "I saw that she had a studio apt with an infant in a bed just inches from hers".

Yours was a reply to the OP. The OP was about a messy incall. Why is it so hard for people to follow a simple thread?

difficult to catch on to. I participate in a couple of gardening forums that use phbb and simple machines and it is soooooooooo much easier to follow and read the threads. I don't have to click a gazillion times to read a thread in the order it was created. So I sympathize for people who have trouble. I know I do. :(

So you figured it out. ;)
I have no idea what simple machines or phbb is, but I also belong to or lurk on many forums, and many of them use the tree format used here which is very simple to follow who is replying to who.

Most of the posts have to quote the reply it is replying to. I hate it. it is hard to follow if there is not a billion quotes in each thread. A plain mess. The tree is the best format going plain and simple.

I guess it's what you're used to. I can see your point, but I like reading the forums like a book, and this can get confusing with the flat view, and annoying to click on every single post with the tree view. I'll get used to it, I am sure. Whether or not I will think it is the best remains to be seen! :)

I just hate having to scroll to find the new comments and it also makes it harder to skip idiots. Tree for me.

Posted By: mistressjessica
I see nothing from the OPS statement that said there was a kid in the place..

While I agree as a single mom sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do but NEVER! NEVER EVER bring your kid to any kind of a date! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!11

oohga354 reads

Children should not be mixed with this. PERIOD (as they shouldn't mixed with a lot of other things btw) ...
Do something like that and you deserve loosing parental rights.

Also can you imagine what LE would think of a kid in the same room? Someone is going to be neck deep in hot stinking shit! Doesn't matter if the kid was sleeping, an eager DA may find a way to put somebody on sex offender list. Also do we need to provide more fuel to the image that all the hobbysts are borderline perverted rapists and the providers are exploited and trafficked women with no hope.  How do you think a situation like that would be portrayed by the media? Remember patriottism and the defense of children are the often the resort of the "true" scoundrels.... If an hobbyst found in that situation doesn't walk away like his ass is on fire probably deserve the possible shitstorm that may happen..... but unfortunately this community doesn't need more bad publicity.

London is absolutely right!

My FIRST POST about the carpet was to the OP...the SECOND post was to the guy who wtf..made the comment about A CHILD...duh. Are we all up to speed on London's posts now? Great!

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Her place sounds better than this looks. Are you going leave a review?

It was not just one of the girls...it has happened on several occasions.  In some ways, I was lamenting my own weakness for not just leaving.  But one does not have to be rich or poor to be clean.  I am probably more of a Felix Unger than a Oscar Madison, and there is a difference between stuff not put away, and just plain filth.

Take home point for me, is I will include this info in my reviews and I hope others do as well.

Peace, out.

My reply doesn't just relate with providers, since provider-client relationship is business. But it is relevant since providers are just like any other people.

In the past couple years of my life, I was quite shocked and surprised to actually find out how other middle-low and low class people live. Although I have lived in places where the environment was beyond shitty for "educational" purposes, still the fact that people around me (gals I used to go out with) live in such places with such life style does disturb me quite a bit. The more I get to know and understand lives of others, the more disturbed I get.

As a matter of fact, I still do not fully know what lives are like for people of middle-low and low class bracket, perhaps like the provider described by OP. And like how OP was shocked, I myself would be freaking out if I were to encounter that environment right now, without having had any exposure previously. I can only sympathize with the both parties.

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There are a lot of different slices of that "other half"... I'd say what the OP described is more typical of an adolescent mind-set than a class difference. She may even come from a middle/upper class background but not have learned to pick up after herself - and just isn't in the economic place where she can afford a maid! No excuse for exposing a client to that, though. Sad that there are grown people out there who think it's okay to invite someone into their home when it is in that state. Whenever someone is coming to my home I make sure it's clean enough that even my mother would have no complaints! Depending on price range, I don't think a girl's incall has to look like the Crate & Barrel showroom, but you have to have some standards...

I know some low income people who keep their homes spotless, and some rich folks who live like pigs.

Didn't mean that way, but other replies gave me an impression that her place is not so upscale in the first place. The carpet, etc.

Posted By: perfectstorm
I know some low income people who keep their homes spotless, and some rich folks who live like pigs.

Wow holy cannoli what a disappointment you must have experienced. I'm surprised afterwards that you could even enjoy a session. Surely something like that should show up in her reviews, to warn other people. It is sad, especially because I'd like to think that us women in the biz are very fortunate to be able to make in a day what some people make in an entire month of working full time. I personally make the most of my time not working, but that's part of my strategy anyway. I truly enjoy a nice home, I'm feeling kind of ghetto at the moment because I just moved a couple weeks ago and am in a pickle with my furniture being shipped!

But anyways, yes I know people that live like that. My aunt actually lives so grossly with like a million cats and 5 dogs, the house just smells like piss and the animals are all over you. Carpet is almost nonexistant from it being stained, and people tracking through it for years, and of course the animals tearing it up. I know she doesn't enjoy living like that and is embarassed because she never has anybody over, and wouldn't even really invite me inside these last few years. She's another story though.

I think alot of times people just get so busy and the mess accumulates so much that it's hard and they don't know where to start to fix the situation. They are to the point of no return where they feel like they   feel like things are unachiveable.

Sad really!

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