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Best of Best in New Year for Everyone!!teeth_smile
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Happy New Year, make this year great.. Set some positive goals!

since this is your first post, please tell us if you are a hobbyist or provider for future reference.  

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I'm an provider, does it say otherwise?

It doesn't say either way on your post unless you link to your TER profile, but I did a search on "taylorblu" and no profile came up.  You are allowed to link to your profile and you website when you post here.  Its advisable.  Good for business.  Check out the way other ladies here do it.  

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Taylor currently has an ad on CV. A scraper site has picked up her pics and info and also she has an ad on a review site that competes with TER. No reviews yet, but a number of pictures.

on her part to create her own TER profile  with a link to her ad photos.  Then guys like me that are lazy about searching outside TER would be able to find her easily.  Once she has a profile, I think the reviews would follow.  FYI, Google is only grudgingly MY friend.  Lol've been on TER?  8, 9?  And you still don't know ANYTHING about how this site works?!  You've supposedly written 190 reviews and you've never been the first hobbyist to review a new provider?  SMH - your reviews have to be as phony as you are.

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Not that you called out CDL for his obvious misstatement about a provider creating her own review, that kind of goes with out saying.  No, what surprises me is that you missed his first mistake on this thread where he suggests she link her website to her posts without clarifying that she can only do so on posts that do NOT start a thread, which are commonly referred to as an "OP" because linking a website to an OP is considered an "ad post" and will not only be removed by Admin, but can result in the poster getting/staying moderated, or in cases of repeat offenders, possibly a loss in her posting privileges.

So BPS, what do you have to say for yourself? It's unlike you to miss an opportunity to call out CDL when he fucks up and gives bad advice. lol

please go away with your lame attempts at trolling.

This, and many local boards may be nearly dead, but no one wants these childish attacks. If CDL erred in a comment, correct it and move on.

What's next, a thread on increasing rates, escorts vs. sugar babies, or race?  

and for the record, CDL erred on TWO comments, not that I am keeping score of course.  


BTW, if the board is "nearly dead" which if most definitely appears to be, just who is even here to be offended by this "childish attack" on CDL?  It's not like you can chase people off of an already dead board.

Or maybe we can start a thread on "I've fallen for a provider....." Those are always good for a laugh.

I just prefer a certain order in life.  

Ads on the ad board
Local stuff on the local board
Dancing around who doesn't live up to her scores on the RO board
Sugar world on the EH board
CDL trolling on the GD and K-girl boards.

As far as falling for provider discussions, well that's just too close to home for me, so let's change the subject.

CDL fucked up, and BPS was right there rubbing his face in it. The only thing unusual about it is the length of time it took and the fact that BPS missed CDL's original fuck up.

if you don’t know who Taylor is, where have you been lol

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