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Reviews affect getting approved
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Im posting this for discussion sake, I'd love to hear both hobbyists and providers opinions.  

So twice I've recently been turned down by ladies who felt the scores I have given in the past were too low. Should this be a reflection of me or the ladies I've reviewed? I am what I consider a fair reviewer, you'll see I have a few 10s, more 9s, and a lot of 8s. These women who denied me a date are highly rated, with plenty of reviews and are worried that I will give them a bad score?  I am of the opinion that in general, the majority of reviewers are far too generous, and because of that, I may be considered "harsher" on the spectrum. But I also think that a provider as established as these two, would be confident in their service as well as see that I have given out top top scores before to those who deserved it.  

In the end, I know the lady has every right to deny seeing me for any reason she likes, and I'm okay with that; plenty of others to move on to, but I'm curious what everyone else has to say on this.  

(I'd also point out that I've been whitelisted by some established ladies so I think that when it comes to this hobby, a trusted, safe, clean, date would maybe override the potential bad score, but again, only one opinion matters when it comes to approving the date)

In my opinion, it’s up to the ladies to choose who they see... However to base this upon reviews is silly. If they are being reviewed regularly any lower score eventually moves towards the past and get buried in the pages. Reviews are all subjective, it’s like any review system the reviewer has a right to an opinion..
Best of luck in your hunt for a new provider!  

That goes with using your TER handle to make appointments.  It pressures you to review a provider higher than they deserve, so you either give up your honesty and integrity, which screws over your fellow hobbyists because they're not getting your honest take on the provider, or else you don't get to see some ladies because they don't like the way you review.  For me, the integrity is more important than getting to see everyone I would like to see.  If I can't pass their screening using only references rather than my TER handle, then I just move onto the next provider on my list.  There are more providers in SoCal than I will get to see in my remaining lifetime anyway, so its no big deal if a few don't want to see me using  the screening information I am willing to give.  

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