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Warning about a client. Rip off.sad_smile
Freya Fantasia See my TER Reviews 846 reads

I just saw a guy who tried to rip me off for $150 and he came in My eye To top it off.

His first shot of cum went in My eye but he didn’t stop there. He continued to squirt come on my face and into my hair.  Since I didn’t specifically tell him not to I was nice I said, “just make sure it’s in all in my mouth next time. It hurts when it gets in the eyes and I don’t want come in my hair”.  

When he was leaving he said he left the money in the bathroom.  I asked, “350”? And he said no it was only 200. I said, “you know it’s 350 right? You’ve been here before.  You should know that”. And he said He couldn’t remember how much it was. He took out 50 more dollars and gave it to me. I said, “you have to get more money”.  At this point I was not nice and ignored all of his attempts to apologize.  

He went to the ATM and he came back and gave me the $100.

Anybody who wants his personal information, please contact me and I will be happy to share. This is a guy who does have references.

Not cool but he did square up.  Twice ive gotten all the way home and realized thst the envelope was in my pocket. Both were cool and I fixed it the next day.

Terrible.  You were, so nice to him & he was a total jerk.  Sorry that happened to you.  I require a 50% deposit to book & the majority of my clients pay if full prior to our playdate it makes the time together, so much more better.  

You may want to start asking for the donation before the main event, even if you have seen the guy before that does not mean they nada.  People change.  No respect.  At least he came back with the full amount.

Freya, any reason you don't collect up front?

I know that some men become offended if they are asked to pay upfront, as they feel their integrity and trustworthiness is being questioned. I personally find that ridiculous, as how can anyone who has never met you possibly know you are a man of integrity. I always leave my donation the moment we meet, and let the lady know I welcome them to count it before the session, as I slip away for a moment to freshen up. I pre-tip as well, and have found worthwhile benefits for doing so. The bottom line for me is I want the lady to feel comfortable and appreciated before the session, so she is thinking about me during the session.

As far as the gentleman Freya has written about, I understand at the moment just before climax some things seem appropriate that wouldn't seem appropriate the moment after, like shooting in a woman's eye and hair. These are urges that we as men need to control. The not having enough money for a session is just wrong, and coming back later doesn't make it right. If I was a provider, I would accept Freya's offer and get his info, and probably wouldn't see him, but would definitely want the donation upfront if I did.

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