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Beware of water
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Just want to share an oberservation: Stay away from girls that name 'water' as their favorite drink in their profiles. Chances are they won't drink, will not loosen up and you won't experience a true GFE.

Fortunately, I've managed to choose providers who don't need to get drunk to loosen up with me.

I don't drink alcohol and I LOVE what I do!! - and it shows :-)

women need to get drunk to have sex with you and work on whatever issues are discovered, then it won't matter if their favorite drink is water.  If I have anything stronger than water to drink with a provider, then its going to be AFTER the session anyway, not before.

I think water is also slang for PCP so im definitely staying away lmao. Technically a blunt or joint dipped in PCP. Ive smoked pot with providers which i find to be a lot of fun.. I mean a good safe buzz can enhance a date.. But yah fuck the hard shit.

Life,  or any drugs and I'm considered a Nympho by previous boyfriends,
and current Clients..because I truly enjoy it!
And yes, my drink of choice is bottled water.

Why would one need to be in an altered state of awareness to Provide?
It appears you've just had some odd luck with regards
to whom you've chosen to P4P with.

Agua Por Favor,
Angelina Jones

a single drink either.  Its always two or more.  

I rarely comment on these types of posts, but I am not sute that I totally I agree. Perhaps it is only a 1 hr appointment.  It takes a few minutes to get to know someone.  

Do they have to be drunk to be into you? My fear is if  if you want a girl to be drunk perhaps you cannot be trusted. A bit sketchy in my book. Sometimes is clients are too quiet, too aggressive, awkward Or  just more difficult to find chemistry with, it can make it harder to relax quickly.  Maybe you have not been with the right providers. Some gir ls dk not enjoy this and are only in it for tje financial side. In that case, even alcohol may not help!

I have many reviews that prove a wide menu and relaxed sessions. I do rarely drink with clients. I always provide a comfortable experience. If it is outcall, I don't always drink unless it is a longer appointment,  expecially if I am driving.  

I suppose some cannot relax without. I have also done duos with girls rhat act crazy when they drink. I guess my point is that everyone is different. I don't think it is fair to prejudge, but even less fair to suggest to other hobbiests that girls who wish to remain sober and professional will provide lousy services.

Sorry for the typos. I found out after it submitted that you can no longer edit!

I prefer water so I don't get tired and want to fall asleep or......end up drunk! I enjoy a really good glass of wine ONLY if our time together allows us to slowly savour it. Because my in call isn't my home, I still have to drive so I need to be sure I can drive home safely. I would much rather be alert than under the influence so I can remember our time together, enjoy our time, and share in the experience.  

I do believe there are providers who drink and let loose because of the alcohol but I believe it's so they can "get through it".  I hope you will give the water drinking ladies a chance. Choose someone you have wanted to see and give her or them a chance because not all ladies are like what your observation has been. Good luck to you!😁

@Miss Heather Harlow,
    If anyone needs to be inebriated to visit with gorgeous you, they are either
  a)  socially inept
  b)  a 40yr old virgin
  c)   an Alien
  d)  item (c)  does not denote "an illegal Alien"
  e)  sexually confused and most likely gay

That's all I got!

xoxo Angelina Jones

The people that I'm acquainted with who don't drink and actively refuse to drink, tend to be stress cases who could use a drink once in awhile.

There's good reason boozing was around before civilization as we know it.

If you try a bit you can make your appointment memorable for both of you.
No need for alcohol.

True GFE doesn't need any alcohol lol

Thank you for such a kind response to my post! Your online presence is just beautiful and I'm sure you're even better in person.  



Back at you Beautiful!  
XO Angelina Jones

I will admit I do enjoy a nice relaxing drink when I am having a good time!! A glass of whine I think is perfectly acceptable. I don't NEED it to have a date though.

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