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Female Condom
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Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!   I've always been curious about FC and wondered what providers use them. Tried doing search but the results didn't seem to match up.

Me too! I would love to visit a provider that uses them

I've met only one provider who didn't know what a female condom was and didn't want to try it. Just ask before you meet.

But I stocked up a while ago so I love to introduce friends to them!

It looks a bit strange the first time you see one, and it take a little bit of work to get it in properly (need to lube inside and outside prior to introduction, best done with a toy.  Personally like a liquid food-grade coconut oil found at Sprouts).  But once you get there, you'll never want to go back.   It's the Ultimate GFE/Lover experience, it's natural fucking at it's best.

Saw a lady on my last Vegas trip that introduced me to the FC. It felt great, more natural than using traditional protection.


interesting topic... I was just having a conversation with a reg, about them.  I was given a box in a gift bag with other little toys & chocolates. Chocolates gone, while the FC still in box. hehehe

...are you running into ladies who have it on their profiles saying they are FC friendly actually aren't?

I'm very part-time so don't get much request for FC's, but am fascinated and think it would make sex more pleasurable and natural feeling.  Does it feel good for anal as well?

It’s located on our profiles. I’ve been using them for years. They are expensive and a little hard to get, but well worth it. My profile is accurate, and I enjoy introducing it to others. Great product, we’ve come along way baby 😘

Happy Monday!


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I love putting one in each entry point so my partner can go back and forth as he pleases.  

And they are a must for duos.  

With the change in distribution female condoms are only available thru manufacturer online or thru a pharmacy (with script). No shortage here, I’ve got an auto monthly delivery of female condoms.  

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